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Intel Temporarily Suspends Shipments of Sapphire Rapids MCC, Impact on Q2 Shipments Limited, Says TrendForce

10 July 2023

TrendForce reports that the problematic model currently experiencing issues is the SPR MCC 32-Cores. The majority of affected customers are concentrated in the corporate sector, prompting Intel to proactively halt shipments of SPR MCC SKUs. Fortunately, other models such as the 20/24C and 36C and higher remain unaffected.

ASP of NAND Flash to Continue Falling 3~8% in 3Q23, Only Wafer Prices to Increase, Says TrendForce

6 July 2023

TrendForce predicts that NAND Flash wafers will be the first to see a price hike in 3Q23 as prices for module products such as SSDs, eMMCs, and UFS will likely continue to fall due to tepid downstream demand. Consequently, the overall ASP of NAND Flash is forecast to continue dropping by about 3~8% in 3Q23, though a possibility exists prices may recover in 4Q23.

Despite Export Ban on Equipment, China’s Semiconductor Expansion in Mature Processes Remains Strong, Says TrendForce

5 July 2023

TrendForce anticipates the market share of Chinese foundries in terms of 12-inch wafer production capacity will likely increase from 24% in 2022 to an estimated 26% in 2026. Moreover, if the exports of 40/28nm equipment eventually receive approval, there’s a chance that this market share could expand even further, possibly reaching 28% by 2026. This growth potential should not be dismissed.

TrendForce:2023 SiC Power Device Market Analysis Report

5 July 2023

TrendForce:2023 SiC Power Device Market Analysis Report

DRAM ASP Decline Narrows to 0~5% for 3Q23 Owing to Production Cuts and Seasonal Demand, Says TrendForce

5 July 2023

TrendForce reports that continued production cuts by DRAM suppliers have led to a gradual quarterly decrease in overall DRAM supply. Seasonal demand, on the other hand, is helping to mitigate inventory pressure on suppliers. TrendForce projects that the third quarter will see the ASP for DRAM converging towards a 0~5% decline.

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