TrendForce's memory and storage division, DRAMeXchange, is globally recognized as a leading provider of DRAM industry research, offering analysis of: manufacturers' capacity and output volumes, DRAM supply and demand, shipment reports on end products such as motherboards, servers, graphic cards, PCs, notebooks, etc., DRAM contract and spot prices, market forecasts, and much more. We also provide information on mobile DRAM price, including eMMC.

Notice: Contract Prices for 1H’Dec. Will Not Be Announced as Negotiations Continue.

Research Report
  • China's Semiconductor Development Report-2H19
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    Amid the hustling and bustling of China's semiconductor market, punctuated by M&As and groundbreaking for new factories, the DRAM market has stood out, as numerous parties scramble to step into the field, to tape its huge potential. Since 2016, the global market has gone a long way, in both supply and demand sides, offering handsome opportunities but also posing grave challenge to newcomers, especially Chinese ones. Observers are watching closely the impact of the launch of Chinese latecomers' capacities, beginning in 2018 as scheduled, on the DRAM and NAND Flash markets. After extensive study of Chinese DRAM suppliers, DRAMeXchange offers analysis of their potential impact on the market from various aspects.
    2019-10-16 More details
  • DRAM Market Bulletin_20191016
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    This week is the key period in negotiations for fourth-quarter contracts. The movements of price trends so far this October are...
    2019-10-16 More details
  • Server DIMM Price Sep. 2019
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    TrendForce’s latest survey of the server DRAM market finds that the procurement drive on the whole has started to...
    2019-09-30 More details
  • DRAM Market Bulletin_20190925
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    Negotiations for the September contracts are reaching their conclusions, and the latest examination of completed monthly deals indicate...
    2019-09-25 More details
  • DRAM Market Bulletin_20190911
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    Contract negotiations for September have yet to pick up since this is the first week of the month. However, client OEMs are observed to...
    2019-09-11 More details
  • 3Q19 DRAM Diamond Datasheet
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    DRAMeXchange Offers you a complete analysts DRAM industry on wafer input, production output, technology node…etc. by each company.
    2019-08-20 More details
Monthly Report
  • Server DIMM Price Mar. 2018
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    The latest analysis by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, finds that the data center market is...
    2018-03-30 More details