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Lithium Battery and Energy Storage

Summary of COVID-19’s Effects on Tech Industries


Lithium Battery and Energy Storage


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate and cause damage to the global economy and consumers’ purchasing power, TrendForce has compiled its latest report on the statuses of key electronics component and downstream industries, with data last updated on March 26, 2020. The report provides a deep dive into the pandemic’s influences on several high-tech industries.

Lithium Battery Market Dynamics- Materials, Cell and Application Requirement- 4Q19


Lithium Battery and Energy Storage


IT Battery Trend
Polymer Battery Cell Price will Be Sluggish in 1Q20
Cylindrical Battery Capacity Increases Quickly
Polymer Battery Penetration Rate Grows Quickly
Polymer Battery Supply Increases Steadily
Due to the Demand for Wireless Headphones in 2020, Polymer Battery may Maintain High Growth
Polymer Battery Cell will Actively Integrate towards Battery Pack

Smart Home
2019 Smart Speaker Distribution
Smart Speaker Combines More Home Devices
Smart Mailbox Gradually Develops

Electric Two-wheeler Niche Market
Electric Skateboard Product Types
Electric Bicycle Market Grows Steadily
China Lithium-ion Battery-powered Electric Bicycle Market
Electric Scooters Are Dominated by the Southeast Asian Markets
Electric Scooter Battery Develops towards High-voltage System
Global Heavy Scooters Still Show Multi-brand Diversification

Electric Vehicle Niche Market
EPS Can Improve Energy (Fuel) Efficiency
EPS Is Second to Electric Motor in Power Consumption
Energy Consumption Is Very High for Turning
Prospects & Challenges of Lithium Batteries Entering EPS Supply Chain

Solid-state Battery
Types and Trends of SSE
Key Factors and Trends in Solid-state Battery
Commercial Products of Solid-state Electrolyte Plants
Solid-state Battery Market Outlook

Lithium Battery Market Dynamics- Materials, Cell and Application Requirement- 3Q19


Lithium Battery and Energy Storage


IT Battery Trend
Polymer Battery Cell Price will Reverse in 4Q19
Demand for Polymer Battery Grew Slowly in 3Q19
Smart Home Devices will Grow Steadily in the Next Five Years
High-power Lithium-ion Batteries Begin to Expand in More Applications
Comparison of Performance Differences between Mobile Phone and Power Battery Cell
High-power Applications Highlight Internal Resistance Problem
Domestic Robot Batteries Need to Meet the Requirements of Fast Charging

Cobalt Supply and Forecast
Refining Process and Application Differences of Cobalt Mine
Concentration of Cobalt Supply Is Decreasing
Cobalt Supply/Demand Forecast
Price Trends of Cobalt for Batteries
Quarterly Price Scenario Forecast for Cobalt
Battery Prices in Relation to Cobalt Prices

Nickel Supply and Forecast
Global Nickel Supply and Distribution
Three Pathways in Current Nickel Sulfate Supply
Distribution of China's Main Nickel Ore Sources
Forecast of Changes in Nickel Supply
Scenario Predictions for Nickel Prices
Changes in Cell Prices from Nickel Fluctuations
Tesla to Drive Nickel Demand in 2020
Prices Remain High for Full NCM (811) Cells
Relationship Between Cobalt/ Nickel Market Supply/Demand and the Overall Situation

Analysis of Energy Storage Architecture and Application Characteristics of Smart Grid
Configuration Points of Energy Storage Systems Covered by Power Architecture
Power Company (BTM) Functional Classification for Energy Storage Applications
Power Company (BTM) Energy Storage Application Value
Customer Site (ATM) Functional Classification for Energy Storage Applications
Customer Site (ATM) Energy Storage Application Value
US EEI Case Statistics: NextEra Energy Had the Highest Consumption of Lithium-ion Batteries
BTM Case Statistics: Balanced Development of Various Applications
ATM Case Statistics: Proportion of Smart Grid Applications Was the Highest
High Unit Cost of High Power Output Energy Storage Systems

Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement- 2Q19


Lithium Battery and Energy Storage


IT Battery Trend
Polymer Battery Price Is Expected to Drop in 3Q19
China Has Become the Main Supplier of IT Batteries
Battery Industry Relocation Costs Are High
Emerging Countries Are More Demanding on Battery Price
Battery Cell Supply Chain Does Not Change Due to Trade War

New Energy Vehicle Market
US-China Trade War Leads to the Approach to Integration Stage
HEV Penetration Rate Is Not Affected by Decrease in Overall Car Demand
Both BEV and HEV Are the Targets of Promotion
Establishment of Environment and Sensor will Gradually Implement the Forecast of Power Consumption
Flexible Electricity Price can Affect Charging Habits and Create New Business Models

HEV System Architecture and Market
Different Types of Comparison for Mild Hybrid
Distinguish Hybrid Type through Motor Position
P0/PHEV Market Share will Rise Rapidly
Fuel Efficiency Increases with Battery Capacity and Motor Power
HEV Market Gradually Develops toward PHEV
48V System Starts to Boost Lithium-ion Battery Demand
HEV High Power Output Is Beneficial to Lithium-ion Battery
Price and Lifespan Demand of HEV Battery Is More Conducive to Lithium-ion Battery
PHEV Battery Demand Is Higher than HEV in 2019

Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement- 1Q19


Lithium Battery and Energy Storage


IT Battery Trend
Due to high component inventory in 4Q18, the demand for NB battery isn’t expected to be strong in 2Q19. At the same time, polymer battery cell price will drop 5-10%.
Increasing the charging voltage of battery cell to 4.3-4.4V is still the only way to enlarge energy density of NB and cell phone batteries.

New Energy Vehicle Strategy and Battery Type Development
In terms of the mass production of 21700 cylindrical cell, battery price is expected to decline. Besides, with the increase of product lifespan, the competitiveness can be improved.
Electric vehicle battery in the US, Japan and Korea will focus on prismatic battery, and Chinese electric vehicle will mainly use polymer battery.

E-cigarette Market Development
Because e-cigarette appearance develops toward youth and lightness, the market demand for small battery will be boosted. At the same time, small battery cell production capacity will increase.

Backup Power Development Trend
Backup power will be the next key goal of lithium battery replacement for lead-acid battery, and the flexible spatial configuration of lithium battery will make decentralized architecture surpass centralized architecture.