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TFT-LCD (Panel Price) ($USD)

Panel prices are updated every two weeks.

LastUpdate: 2020-05-21

Type Item Low High Average Change (%)Change
NB 17.3"W HD+ Wedge-LED 39.2 40.5 40 40 0%
NB 14.0"W HD Flat-LED 25.6 25.9 25.8 25.7 0.4%
NB 11.6"W HD Flat-LED 24 25.2 24.9 24.8 0.4%
MNT 27"W FHD LED 68.9 78.7 76.9 76.9 0%
MNT 23.6"W FHD LED 48.6 56.5 54.5 54.5 0%
LCD_TV 55"W UHD Open-Cell 101 105 103 107 -3.7%
LCD_TV 43"W FHD Open-Cell 63 69 67 69 -2.9%
LCD_TV 32"W HD Open-Cell 30 34 32 34 -5.9%
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TFT-LCD (Street Price) ($USD)

Street prices are updated monthly.

LastUpdate: 2020-05-19

Item Low High Average Change (%)Change
LCD MNT 23"W LED 111.4 155.0 127.9 0.8 0.7 %
LCD MNT 21.5"W LED 81.1 113.0 96.4 4.2 4.5 %
LCD MNT 18.5"W LED 67.3 85.3 70.9 -1.4 -1.9 %
LCD MNT 21.5"W_WV LED 94.6 160.8 107.6 2.5 2.4 %
LCD TV 55"_LED 406.4 1,975.4 420.4 -18.5 -4.2 %
LCD TV 32"_LED 134.3 290.3 163.9 -4.0 -2.4 %