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3Q24 Consumer DRAM Datasheet


Semiconductors , DRAM


Besides the mainstream product segments of the DRAM market, TrendForce’s research now encompasses specialty (consumer) DRAM products as well. Analyses in this area pertain to product development plans and production outputs of suppliers, price trends, etc.

DRAM Monthly Datasheet Jul. 2024


Semiconductors , DRAM , Consumer Electronics +5


TrendForce offers you a complete analysis on DRAM industry supply/demand sufficiency, cost analysis and price forecast.

2Q24 Server Diamond Datasheet


Semiconductors , DRAM , NAND Flash +1


TrendForce combines its expertise in memory market and leverage it to provide a multi-faceted study of server market in this report. The content of it is as follows:
1. Server CPU Market: State of Competition and Market Shares
2. Server Procurement by Cloud Service Providers in North America and China
3. Projection on Shipments of Server Storage Products
4. Projection on Server Shipments for Current Year
5. Major ODM Partners of Critical Server Brands
6. Changes on Volumes in Server DRAM Procurement
7. Trends in SSD Procurement and Projections on Storage Form-Factors and Interfaces
8. Shares of Enterprise and Hyperscaler Servers in Memory Consumption.

2Q24 Mobile Datasheet


Semiconductors , DRAM , NAND Flash +3


Mobile DRAM and Mobile NAND Flash latest market supply/demand update.

2Q24 Server DRAM Datasheet


Semiconductors , DRAM , AI Server/HBM/Server


Quarterly Server DRAM latest market revenue/output update

2Q24 DRAM Diamond Datasheet


Semiconductors , DRAM


TrendForce Offers you a complete analysis on DRAM industry wafer input, production output, technology node…etc. by each company.

Smartphone Market Decode_4Q18 (DataSheet)


Semiconductors , DRAM , NAND Flash +4


TrendForce, the global market intelligence firm for the technology sector, proudly launches “Smartphone Market Decode” – a quarterly research report that draws from the best resources and analyses from the company’s elite research teams. This work represents the synergy of our memory division DRAMeXchange, optoelectronics division WitsView, semiconductor/advanced technology division Topology, and other expert industry analysts under our banners.
In addition to first-hand data on branded smartphone production volumes and the latest intelligence on markets for key components,“Smartphone Market Decode” offers in-depth analyses on the developments of a wide range of mobile-related technologies (e.g. 3D sensing, in-display fingerprint scanning, advanced biometric recognition solutions, camera modules, wireless charging, AI-based applications, 5G networking, and more). This report assists enterprises in adapting to the rapidly changing market environment by providing the most real-time and professional knowledge that can be used to make the best operational decisions.

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