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Q2 DRAM Industry Revenue Rebounds with a 20.4% Quarterly Increase, Q3 Operating Profit Margin Expected to Turn from Loss to Gains, Says TrendForce

24 August 2023

TrendForce reports that rising demand for AI servers has driven growth in HBM shipments. Combined with the wave of inventory buildup for DDR5 on the client side, the second quarter saw all three major DRAM suppliers experience shipment growth.

Server Supply Chain Becomes Fragmented, ODM’s Southeast Asia SMT Capacity Expected to Account for 23% in 2023, Says TrendForce

23 August 2023

US-based CSPs have been establishing SMT production lines in Southeast Asia since late 2022 to mitigate geopolitical risks and supply chain disruptions. TrendForce reports that Taiwan-based server ODMs, including Quanta, Foxconn, Wistron (including Wiwynn), and Inventec, have set up production bases in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It’s projected that by 2023, the production capacity from these regions will account for 23%, and by 2026, it will approach 50%.

Regional Economic Downturn and Investment Slowdown, 2023 Server Shipment Forecast Downgraded to 5.94% YoY Decline, Says TrendForce

16 August 2023

TrendForce announces a revised forecast for 2023 server shipments, protecting a downward shift of 5.94% YoY. This downward revision is attributed to various economic challenges, including Meta’s diminished demand for 2H23 and a sluggish start in China’s internal tech demand in 1H23 (including state-owned cloud and East-West computing projects).

Global Server Shipments for 2024 Projected to Undergo Constrained Growth, Estimated Annual Increase of 2.3%, Says TrendForce

15 August 2023

The global server market, grappling with the impact of worldwide inflation, saw significant shifts in 2023. Server OEMs and CSPs revamped their investment strategies, resulting in cutbacks in both annual shipments and ODM production plans. TrendForce observes that as the server market continues to decline, demand for AI surges. These combined factors have had a domino effect, compressing the rollout of new server platforms across the board.

Suppliers Amp Up Production, HBM Bit Supply Projected to Soar by 105% in 2024, Says TrendForce

9 August 2023

TrendForce highlights in its latest report that memory suppliers are boosting their production capacity in response to escalating orders from NVIDIA and CSPs for their in-house designed chips. These efforts include the expansion of TSV production lines to increase HBM output. Forecasts based on current production plans from suppliers indicate a remarkable 105% annual increase in HBM bit supply by 2024.

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