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Suppliers Successfully Hike Wafer Contract Prices, Triggering Short-Term Surge in Spot Market, Says TrendForce

31 August 2023

Recently, the spot market for NAND Flash chips has seen a rise in active price inquiries for certain products, a movement driven by successful increases in wafer contract prices. TrendForce reports this uptick primarily stems from negotiations in late August between NAND Flash suppliers and key Chinese module makers. These discussions led to a new wafer contract that successfully boosted the price of 512 Gb wafers by approximately 10%.

Global Enterprise SSD Revenue Hits New Low in Q2 at US$1.5 Billion, Peak Season Growth Expected to Fall Short of Forecasts, Says TrendForce

31 August 2023

TrendForce research reveals that, due to the impacts of high inflation and economic downturn, CSPs are adopting more conservative strategies when it comes to capital expenditure and consistently reducing their annual server demand forecasts. Consequently, global enterprise SSD revenue hit an all-time low in the second quarter, totaling just $1,500 million—a QoQ decrease of 24.9%.

After a Low Base Year in 2023, DRAM and NAND Flash Bit Demand Expected to Increase by 13% and 16% Respectively in 2024, Says TrendForce

30 August 2023

TrendForce expects that memory suppliers will continue their strategy of scaling back production of both DRAM and NAND Flash in 2024, with the cutback being particularly pronounced in the financially struggling NAND Flash sector. Market demand visibility for consumer electronic is projected to remain uncertain in 1H24.

Strong Cloud AI Server Demand Propels NVIDIA’s FY2Q24 Data Center Business to Surpass 76% for the First Time, Says TrendForce

24 August 2023

TrendForce believes that the primary driver behind NVIDIA’s robust revenue growth stems from its data center’s AI server-related solutions. Key products include AI-accelerated GPUs and AI server HGX reference architecture, which serve as the foundational AI infrastructure for large data centers.

Q2 DRAM Industry Revenue Rebounds with a 20.4% Quarterly Increase, Q3 Operating Profit Margin Expected to Turn from Loss to Gains, Says TrendForce

24 August 2023

TrendForce reports that rising demand for AI servers has driven growth in HBM shipments. Combined with the wave of inventory buildup for DDR5 on the client side, the second quarter saw all three major DRAM suppliers experience shipment growth.

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