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Projected YoY Growth Rate of Global Server Shipments for 2023 Has Been Lowered to 1.87% Due to North American Cloud Service Providers Cutting Demand, Says TrendForce

31 January 2023

TrendForce has lowered the YoY growth rate of their total server procurement quantity for this year from the original projection of 6.9% to the latest projection of 4.4%. With CSPs cutting demand, global server shipments are now estimated to grow by just 1.87% YoY for 2023.

Value of 5G Market Will Reach US$37 Billion in 2026 as Applications Related to Metaverse Act as Notable Demand Driver, Says TrendForce

19 January 2023

TrendForce forecasts that the value of the global 5G market will reach US$14.5 billion in 2023 thanks to the promotion of 5G private networks by enterprises and the upgrading of the equipment purposed for small cells and 5G FWA. Then, the global 5G market will further scale up to US$37 billion in 2026, with the CAGR for the 2023~2026 period coming to 11.0%. Applications related to the Metaverse will help spur the demand for 5G networks during the period.

Foundry Revenue Is Forecasted to Drop by 4% YoY for 2023 Due to Slow Inventory Consumption and Falling Wafer Input from Customers, Says TrendForce

19 January 2023

TrendForce’s recent analysis of the foundry market reveals that demand continues to slide for all types of mature and advanced nodes. The major IC design houses have cut wafer input for 1Q23 and will likely scale back further for 2Q23

Notebook Computer Shipments for 1Q23 Are Projected Reach 10-Year Low for First-Quarter Result, and 10% of Global Notebook Computer Shipments for 2023 Will Come from Vietnam, Says TrendForce

17 January 2023

As for 2023, the outlook on the performance of the notebook computer market remains uncertain at this moment. TrendForce expects the YoY decline to moderate to about 7.8%, but shipments are projected to total only 171 million units.

Value of Market for Hinges Used in Foldable OLED Smartphones Will Surpass US$500 Million for 2023; KH Vatech and Amphenol Are Main Suppliers, Says TrendForce

16 January 2023

Annual global shipments of foldable smartphones are projected to climb from around 12.8 million units for 2022 to around 18.5 million units for 2023, says TrendForce in its latest report on the market for OLED displays. Among the key components for a foldable smartphone, hinges play a critical role in determining the cost of the whole device. In a foldable smartphone, hinges are responsible for the durability or flex life of the foldable display, the visibility of the fold crease on the display, the feel of flipping the device, and many other functions that are vital to user experience. In other words, the quality of hinges will directly affect consumers’ willingness to purchase a foldable smartphone. With the penetration rate of foldable models rising in the smartphone market, the value of the global market for hinges used in foldable OLED smartphones will rise by 14.6% YoY to above the level of US$500 million for 2023.

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