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AI Server and AI Notebook Hardware Upgrades Drive Demand for High-Capacitance MLCCs, Boosting Average Supplier Prices, Says TrendForce

10 July 2024

The AI hardware boom is in full swing: TrendForce reports that the first half of this year witnessed a robust increase in AI server orders. Looking ahead, the latter half of the year promises more to come as NVIDIA’s Blackwell GB200 servers and WoA AI-powered notebooks hit mass production and begin shipping in Q3. This surge is driving ODMs to ramp up their inventory procurement and setting the stage for a spike in orders and shipments of high-capacitance MLCCs. The outcome is a welcome stabilization of market prices and a notable uptick in ASP for suppliers.

EU Tariffs Act as Catalyst, Chinese Automakers to Accelerate Launch of 14 New Overseas Plants, Says TrendForce

9 July 2024

The EU has initiated provisional countervailing duties on Chinese-made BEVs as of July 4, 2024. While new tariff percentages have been announced, they show minimal change from the rates published on June 12. The tariffs include 17.4% for BYD, 19.9% for Geely, and 37.6% for SAIC. Additionally, automakers identified as cooperating with the investigation but not sampled will face a 20.8% tariff—affecting a total of 13 companies—while other automakers not listed will be subject to a 37.6% tariff.

June Lithium Prices Hit New Low for the Year; Cell Prices Still Facing Downward Pressure, Says TrendForce

8 July 2024

TrendForce reports that June saw a significant drop in lithium prices due to a focus on inventory reduction in the downstream battery sector. Weak demand for lithium salts and sluggish shipments of lithium carbonate—compounded by short-term oversupply—drove lithium carbonate prices to a new low for the year. Prices fell from over CNY 100,000 per ton last month to the range of CNY 90,000 per ton.

Demand from AMD and NVIDIA Drives FOPLP Development, Mass Production Expected in 2027–2028, Says TrendForce

3 July 2024

In 2016, TSMC developed and named its InFO FOWLP technology, and applied it to the A10 processor used in the iPhone 7. TrendForce points out that since then, OSAT providers have been striving to develop FOWLP and FOPLP technologies to offer more cost-effective packaging solutions.

Upstream Supply Chain Replenishment and Increased Demand Drive Global Server Shipment Growth by 4–5% in Q3, Says TrendForce

1 July 2024

TrendForce reveals that although the overall environment this year has been impacted by AI budget constraints—leading to slower-than-expected growth for general—recent procurement strength for related components such as BMCs and new CPUs indicates an improving trend for new server platforms among OEMs and CSPs. Additionally, surveys of ODM supply chains reveal that server shipments, after a seasonal dip in the first quarter, are expected to show sequential growth in the second and third quarters.

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