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AI’s Rocketing Demand to Drive Server DRAM—2024 Predictions Show a 17.3% Annual Increase in Content per Box, Outpacing Other Applications, Says TrendForce

5 February 2024

The server sector is expected to see the most significant growth, with content per box for server DRAM projected to rise by 17.3% annually, while enterprise SSDs are forecast to increase by 13.2%. The market penetration rate for AI smartphones and AI PCs is expected to experience noticeable growth in 2025 and is anticipated to further drive the average content per box upward.

Strategic Collaboration Between Intel and UMC to Optimize FinFET Foundry Market with Existing Resources, Says TrendForce

26 January 2024

Intel and UMC officially announced their landmark collaboration on January 25, 2024, geared toward developing the 12-nanometer process. TrendForce believes that this partnership, which leverages UMC’s diversified technological services and Intel’s existing factory facilities for joint operation, not only aids Intel in transitioning from an IDM to a foundry business model but also brings a wealth of operational experience and enhances manufacturing flexibility.

Sustained Price Rally for DRAM and NAND Flash into 4Q24 Is Possible If Suppliers Prudently Control Output, Says TrendForce

19 January 2024

TrendForce’s latest analysis reveals that the downswing of DRAM contract prices, which had lasted for eight consecutive quarters since 4Q21, was finally reversed in 4Q23. Likewise, NAND Flash rebounded in 3Q23 after four quarters of decline. The persistence of this rally in memory prices during 2024 will largely hinge on suppliers’ ongoing and effective control over their capacity utilization rates.

2024 Commercialization of Copilot to Boost AI Server and AI PC Development, Says TrendForce

17 January 2024

TrendForce anticipates 2024 to mark a significant expansion in edge AI applications, leveraging the groundwork laid by AI servers and branching into AI PCs and other terminal devices. The global AI server market—encompassing AI Training and AI Inference—is projected to exceed 1.6 million units, growing at an impressive rate of 40%. Additionally, CSPs are expected to ramp up their involvement in this sector.

NAND Flash Contract Prices Forecast to Rise 15–20% in 1Q24 Thanks to Supplier-Led Pricing, Says TrendForce

9 January 2024

TrendForce research indicates that despite facing a traditional low-demand season, buyers are continuing to increase their purchases of NAND Flash products to establish safe inventory levels. In response, suppliers, aiming to minimize losses are pushing for higher prices, leading to an estimated 15–20% increase in NAND Flash contract prices in 1Q24.

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