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Global Server Shipments Expected to Increase by 2.05% in 2024, with AI Servers Accounting For Around 12.1%, Says TrendForce

29 February 2024

Global server shipments are estimated to reach approximately. 13.654 million units in 2024, an increase of about 2.05% YoY. Meanwhile, the market continues to focus on the deployment of AI servers, with their shipment share estimated at around 12.1%.

High-End AI Server Demand from North America’s Top Four CSPs Expected to Exceed 60% in 2024, Says TrendForce

27 February 2024

TrendForce’s newest projections spotlight a 2024 landscape where demand for high-end AI servers—powered by NVIDIA, AMD, or other top-tier ASIC chips—will be heavily influenced by North America’s cloud service powerhouses. Microsoft (20.2%), Google (16.6%), AWS (16%), and Meta (10.8%) are predicted to collectively command over 60% of global demand, with NVIDIA GPU-based servers leading the charge.

TSMC’s Kumamoto Plant (JASM) Grand Opening on 24th February, Poised to Shape Japan’s Semiconductor Landscape Over the Next Decade, Says TrendForce

23 February 2024

TrendForce’s latest report reveals that in 2023, global foundry revenues hit US$117.47 billion, with TSMC capturing a dominant 60% share. This figure is expected to climb to around $131.65 billion in 2024, increasing TSMC’s share to 62%.

MLCC Shipments to Dip 7% in 1Q24 Amid Slowing Order Demand, Says TrendForce

19 February 2024

The global economic deceleration is taking its toll on the tech sector’s growth, with heavyweights like Intel and Texas Instruments signaling a downturn in their recent financial forecasts. This trend reflects a broader industry pattern of subdued order placements and shipments. TrendForce reports that the first quarter of 2024 will see a 7% quarterly reduction in MLCC shipments to 1.1103 trillion units.

AI’s Rocketing Demand to Drive Server DRAM—2024 Predictions Show a 17.3% Annual Increase in Content per Box, Outpacing Other Applications, Says TrendForce

5 February 2024

The server sector is expected to see the most significant growth, with content per box for server DRAM projected to rise by 17.3% annually, while enterprise SSDs are forecast to increase by 13.2%. The market penetration rate for AI smartphones and AI PCs is expected to experience noticeable growth in 2025 and is anticipated to further drive the average content per box upward.

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