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Q3 NAND Flash Product Price Drop Deteriorates to 13~18% on Sustained Weak Demand, Says TrendForce

24 August 2022

As rising inflationary pressure continues to weaken the global economy, demand for various consumer applications has been downgraded since the second quarter and is expected not improve until the end of the year. Although server demand is stable, a period of inventory adjustment has been ushered in, which exacerbates oversupply in the NAND Flash market. According to TrendForce investigations, since sellers are no longer locked into fixed pricing, NAND Flash price declines in the third quarter expanded from the original forecast of 8~13% to 13~18% QoQ. If manufacturers' production capacity planning is not curtailed, this decline is likely to continue into the fourth quarter.

New US EDA Software Ban May Affect China's Advanced IC Design, Says TrendForce

15 August 2022

​​​​​​​TrendForce provides the following data for the EDA software market:

Sustained by Upsurge in Bit Shipments, Global 2Q22 DRAM Revenue Grows by 6.5% QoQ, Says TrendForce

15 August 2022

According to TrendForce investigations, 2Q22 DRAM industry revenue reached US$25.59 billion, growing 6.5% QoQ. The primary reason for 2Q22 revenue growth stemmed from an increase in bit shipments from certain DRAM suppliers. Although PC and mobile DRAM were hit hard by inflation and weak demand, momentum in the server DRAM market remained strong in 1H22, driving quarterly shipment growth at the three top manufacturers to 5~10%.

Bloated Inventory and Manufacturers Sacrificing Pricing for Sales, Consumer DRAM Price Decline Expands to 13~18%, Says TrendForce 

10 August 2022

According to TrendForce investigations into the DRAM market, under pressure from ever-increasing output, Korean manufacturers have significantly increased their willingness to compromise on pricing in order to stimulate buying from distributors and customers, leading to a steady expansion of falling prices. In addition to Korean manufacturers enthusiastically slashing prices, low-priced chips from the spot market are also circulating in the market. Other suppliers have no choice but to follow suit and fervently reduce pricing for sales, rapidly exacerbating the 3Q consumer DRAM price drop from the original estimate of 8~13% to a quarterly decline of 13-18%.

Intel Orders Delayed, TSMC Slows Three-Nanometer Expansion, Says TrendForce

4 August 2022

According to TrendForce research, Intel plans to outsource the tGPU chipset in Meteor Lake to TSMC for manufacture. Mass production of this product was initially planned for 2H22 but was later postponed to 1H23 due to product design and process verification issues. Recently, the product’s mass production schedule has been postponed again to the end of 2023 for some reason, nigh completely cancelling 3nm production capacity originally booked in 2023 with only a marginal amount of wafer input remaining for engineering verification.

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