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Strict Restrictions Imposed by US CHIPS Act Will Lower Willingness of Multinational Suppliers to Invest; Chinese Semiconductor Development Will Be Limited for Next Decade, Says TrendForce

14 April 2023

TrendForce estimates, based on the plans of these three suppliers, that South Korea’s share of global DRAM capacity will continue to rise while China’s will decline YoY, dropping from 14% to 12% by 2025. 

ASP of NAND Flash Products Will Continue to Fall 5~10% in 2Q23, Whether Prices Continue to Decline in 2H23 Will Depend on Demand, Says TrendForce

30 March 2023

Although NAND suppliers have continued to roll back production, there is still an oversupply of NAND Flash as demand for products such as servers, smartphones, and notebooks is still too weak. Therefore, TrendForce predicts that the ASP of NAND Flash will continue to fall in 2Q23

Decline in DRAM ASP Narrows to 10~15% in 2Q23 with No End in Sight, Says TrendForce

28 March 2023

TrendForce reports that several suppliers, such as Micron and SK hynix, have started scaling back DRAM production. The ASP of DRAM plunged 20% in 1Q23, and this price decline is predicted to slow down to 10~15% next quarter.

Global NAND Flash Revenue Reports a QoQ Decline of 25% in 4Q22 as ASP Drops Further, Says TrendForce

17 March 2023

As a result, NAND Flash bit shipments rose by a mere 5.3% as ASP fell 22.8%. Global NAND Flash revenue was reported to be US$10.29 billion in 4Q22 — down 25% QoQ.

Total Revenue of Top 10 Foundries Fell by 4.7% QoQ for 4Q22 and Will Slide Further for 1Q23, Says TrendForce

13 March 2023

The quarterly total revenue of the top 10 foundries came to US$33,530 million, reflecting a drop of 4.7% from 3Q22. Moving into 1Q23, TrendForce projects that the quarterly total revenue of the top 10 will show an even steeper drop on account of seasonality and the uncertain macroeconomic situation.

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