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Taiwanese Chipmakers Expand Overseas to Capitalize on Geopolitical Shifts and De-Sinicization Benefits, Says TrendForce

5 June 2024

On June 5th, Vanguard and NXP announced plans to jointly establish VisionPower Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (VSMC) in Singapore to build a 12-inch wafer plant. TrendForce posits that this move reflects the trend of global supply chains shifting “Out of China, Out of Taiwan”(OOC/OOT), with Taiwanese companies accelerating their overseas expansion to improve regional capacity flexibility and competitiveness.

Samsung Strike Has No Immediate Impact on Memory Production, with No Shipment Shortages, Says TrendForce

31 May 2024

The Samsung Electronics Union is reportedly planning to strike on June 7, TrendForce reports that this strike will not impact DRAM and NAND Flash production, nor will it cause any shipment shortages. Additionally, the spot prices for DRAM and NAND Flash had been declining prior to the strike announcement, and there has been no change in this downtrend since the announcement.

Growing Demand for High-Capacity Storage Propels Enterprise SSD Revenue Up by Over 60% in 1Q24, Says TrendForce

31 May 2024

TrendForce reports that a reduction in supplier production has led to unmet demand for high-capacity orders since 4Q23. Combined with procurement strategies aimed at building low-cost inventory, this has driven orders and significantly boosted enterprise SSD revenue, which reached US$3.758 billion in 1Q24—a staggering 62.9% QoQ increase. 

Blackwell Shipments Imminent, Total CoWoS Capacity Expected to Surge by Over 70% in 2025, Says TrendForce

30 May 2024

TrendForce reports that NVIDIA’s Hopper H100 began to see a reduction in shortages in 1Q24. The new H200 from the same platform is expected to gradually ramp in Q2, with the Blackwell platform entering the market in Q3 and expanding to data center customers in Q4.

NAND Flash Industry Revenue Grew 28.1% in 1Q24, Growth Expected to Continue into Q2, Says TrendForce

29 May 2024

TrendForce reports that adoption of enterprise SSDs by AI servers began in February, which subsequently led to large orders. Additionally, PC and smartphone customers have been increasing their inventory levels to manage rising prices. This trend drove up NAND Flash prices and shipment levels in 1Q24 and boosted quarterly revenue by 28.1% to US$14.71 billion.

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