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TrendForce:2023 SiC Power Device Market Analysis Report

5 July 2023

TrendForce:2023 SiC Power Device Market Analysis Report

DRAM ASP Decline Narrows to 0~5% for 3Q23 Owing to Production Cuts and Seasonal Demand, Says TrendForce

5 July 2023

TrendForce reports that continued production cuts by DRAM suppliers have led to a gradual quarterly decrease in overall DRAM supply. Seasonal demand, on the other hand, is helping to mitigate inventory pressure on suppliers. TrendForce projects that the third quarter will see the ASP for DRAM converging towards a 0~5% decline.

AI and HPC Demand Set to Boost HBM Volume by Almost 60% in 2023, Says TrendForce

28 June 2023

TrendForce forecasts that global demand for HBM will experience almost 60% growth annually in 2023, reaching 290 million GB, with a further 30% growth in 2024.

Major CSPs Aggressively Constructing AI Servers and Boosting Demand for AI Chips and HBM, Advanced Packaging Capacity Forecasted to Surge 30~40% by 2024, Says TrendForce

21 June 2023

TrendForce highlights that to augment the computational efficiency of AI servers and enhance memory transmission bandwidth, leading AI chip makers such as Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have opted to incorporate HBM. Presently, Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips each boast up to 80 GB of HBM2e and HBM3.

Global Top Ten IC Design Houses Break Even in Q1, Hope for Recovery in Q2 Bolstered by AI Demand, Says TrendForce

20 June 2023

TrendForce reports that inventory reduction in Q1 fell short of expectations and coincided with the industry’s traditional off-season, leading to overall subdued demand. However, due to new product release and a surge in urgent orders for specialized specifications, Q1 revenue of the global top ten IC design houses remained on par with 4Q22, with a modest QoQ increase of 0.1% for a total revenue of US$33.86 billion. Changes in ranking included Cirrus Logic slipping from the top ten as well as the ninth and tenth positions being replaced by WillSemi and MPS, respectively. The rest of the rankings remained unchanged.

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