[News] SK Hynix Announces Complete Sales of HBM for the Year, Memory Market Poised for Recovery

2024-02-23 Semiconductors editor

South Korean memory giant SK Hynix has confirmed record-breaking sales of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) over the past few months, driving profitability in the fourth quarter and predicting an industry-wide recovery.

According to Wccftech, SK Hynix Vice President Kim Ki-tae stated on February 21st that the demand for HBM, as an AI memory solution, is experiencing explosive growth as generative AI services become increasingly diverse and continue to evolve.

The report has cited insights from Kim Ki-tae, who stated, “HBM, with its high-performance and high-capacity characteristics, is a monumental product that shakes the conventional wisdom that memory semiconductors are only a part of the overall system. ”

Kim Ki-tae also mentioned that despite ongoing external uncertainties, the memory market is expected to gradually warm up in 2024. This is attributed to the recovery in product demand from global tech giants.

Moreover, AI devices such as PCs or smartphones are expected to increase the demand for artificial intelligence. This surge is anticipated to boost the sales of HBM3E and potentially drive up the demand for products like DDR5 and LPDDR5T.

Kim Ki-tae emphasized that their HBM products have already sold out for this year. Although it’s just the beginning of 2024, the company has already begun gearing up for 2025.

SK Hynix Plans to Establish Advanced Packaging Plant in the US

SK Hynix is reportedly set to establish an advanced packaging plant in Indiana, with the US government aiming to reduce dependence on advanced chips from Taiwan.

As per the Financial Times on February 1st, citing unnamed sources, SK Hynix’s rumored new packaging facility in Indiana may specialize in 3D stacking processes to produce HBM, which will also be integrated into NVIDIA’s GPUs.

Currently, SK Hynix produces HBM in South Korea and then ships it to Taiwan for integration into NVIDIA GPUs by TSMC.

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Please note that this article cites information from Wccftech and The Financial Times.