[Tech Recap and Glimpse 5-1] Semiconductor Manufacturers’ Global Deployment

2023-12-29 Semiconductors editor

Amidst geopolitical influences, governments worldwide are enticing semiconductor manufacturers with subsidy policies, prompting chip manufactures to establish themselves in various regions. The ongoing dynamics of semiconductor facility construction and the evolving global production capacity remain focal points for the industry in 2024.

Following TSMC’s establishment of facilities in Arizona, USA, and Kumamoto, Japan, the progress of TSMC’s second Kumamoto plant has garnered significant industry attention. On another front, the developments at TSMC’s ESMC facility in Germany continue to capture global attention within the semiconductor industry.

Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSMC) also made headlines in 2023 by announcing the construction of its first overseas 12-inch fab, JSMC, located in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s overseas expansion efforts are equally robust. In addition to its Taylor plant in the United States, Samsung plans to establish a new semiconductor packaging research center in Japan.

According to TrendForce data, considering an equivalent foundry capacity of 12 inches, Taiwan held a global market share of approximately 47% in 2023, followed by China at 26%, South Korea at 12%, the United States at 6%, Singapore at 4%, Japan at 2%, Germany at 1%, and others at 2%. By 2027, Taiwan’s market share is projected to decrease to 42%, with China at 28%, South Korea at 10%, the United States at 7%, Singapore at 6%, Japan at 3%, Germany at 2%, and others at 1%.

(Image: TSMC)