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Prices Have Started to Drop in PV Industry Chain This December, and Downtrend Will Continue into Next Year, Says TrendForce

23 December 2022

Based on recent wafer transactions, TrendForce estimates that prices (in RMB per piece) of M10 wafers have fallen by 19.5% MoM for December. Among different wafer sizes, M10 appears to have suffered the largest price drop.

US Commerce Department’s Initial Anti-Circumvention Ruling Against Four Chinese Solar Companies Will Have No Notable Effect in Short Term, Says TrendForce

6 December 2022

TrendForce believes, regardless of the outcome of this probe, the tariff exemption that the US government has recently granted for PV module imports from Southeast Asia will remain in force. The exemption applies to modules that are to be imported before June 6, 2024 and installed at project sites before December 2024. Therefore, the initial ruling has no tangible impact during the interim period.

Battery Recycling to Aid in Reducing Carbon Emissions, Global EV and Energy Storage Battery Recycling Market Forecast to Exceed 1TWh in 2030, Says TrendForce

24 October 2022

TrendForce indicates that the rapid rise in the penetration rate of the global new energy vehicle (NEV) market has stimulated an increase in the installed capacity of power batteries on a yearly basis. At the same time, the technological path of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the field of electrochemical energy storage has become the mainstream solution for new installed capacity in recent years and its market share is rising rapidly. As EV and energy storage batteries are retired on a large-scale in the future, TrendForce estimates that the global market for EV and energy storage battery recycling will exceed 1TWh by 2030, of which the scope of lithium iron phosphate battery recycling will account for more than a 58% share.

Power Batteries Enter Period of Rapid Development with Global Installed Capacity Expected to Exceed 3TWh in 2030, Says TrendForce

14 September 2022

Driven by the global net zero emission target, the transformation of road transportation towards electrification is accelerating and the global new energy vehicle (NEV) industry is in a period of rapid growth, driving a surge in power battery demand. By 2024, the installed capacity of the global power battery market is expected to increase from a GWh-scale to TWh, exceeding 3TWh by 2030, of which China's installed capacity of power batteries is expected to account for approximately 45% of the world total.

In the Era of Energy Storage, Global Installed Electrochemical Energy Storage Capacity Estimated to reach 1160GWh in 2030, Says TrendForce

28 July 2022

Large-scale utilization of renewable energy is the fundamental path to achieving a comprehensive decarbonization of the power grid. During this process, new energy storage technology represented by electrochemical energy storage has become an important cornerstone for the sustained growth in the proportion of installed renewable energy. According to TrendForce statistics, global installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage is expected to reach approximately 65GWh in 2022 and 1,160Gwh by 2030, of which 70% of storage demand originates from the power generation side, which is the primary source of momentum supporting the installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage.

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