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EV Battery Market Holds Steady, Slight Downtrend in Lithium Salt Prices, Says TrendForce

2 August 2023

In July, EV battery prices in China demonstrated stability, with lithium salt prices registering a marginal decline. The prices of EV square ternary cells, LFP cells, and pouch ternary power cells in July remained relatively consistent with the prior month, positioned at CNY 0.73/Wh, 0.65/Wh, and 0.78/Wh, respectively. This trend comes amid relatively muted demand in the EV sector, according to TrendForce research.

Solid-State Battery-Equipped NEVs Poised to Rival Gasoline Vehicles in Range, Expected to Enter Mass Production by 2030, Says TrendForce

11 July 2023

TrendForce’s report on the “Development of Solid-State Batteries for NEVs” has news for the EV industry: Automakers are actively ramping up their investments and research into solid-state batteries.

Lithium Prices Stabilizing Leads to EV Battery Prices Declining More Slowly in June, Says TrendForce

5 July 2023

TrendForce reports that EV battery prices in Chinese markets continued to decline throughout June, though the rate of decline across all product types has started to taper off. The ASP (CNY) of EV square ternary cells, LFP cells, and pouch ternary power cells in June each fell by 1¬–2% MoM, settling at 0.74/Wh, 0.65/Wh, and 0.78/Wh, respectively.

EV Battery Prices Plummet in May, Poised for Demand Surge in June, Says TrendForce

5 June 2023

TrendForce reports that May proved to be a turning point in the lithium salt market, highlighting a notable surge in prices. The price of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide in China skyrocketed from less than CNY 200,000/ton (~USD 28,000) to over CNY 300,000/ton (~USD 43,000).

Lithium Prices Rebound, China’s Battery Industry Chain Expected to Recover in May, Says TrendForce

8 May 2023

Additionally, prices of lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6)—a key raw material used in electrolytes— have recently started to rise again, prices of anode materials, iron phosphate, and lithium battery copper foil have almost bottomed out, and China’s EV battery industry chain is gradually stabilizing.

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