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Component makers first to be hit by persisting panel price falls, says WitsView

4 August 2008

Taipei, August 3, 2008---The recent large-sized panel price drops has once again highlighted the profitability pressure panel makers now face. Thus, their demand on upstream component makers for additional cost downs has grown as well. According to WitsView’s latest report, the panel material cost down will be more severe in 3Q08 than in previous quarters.

Large-sized panel shipment increases 6.7% to 110 million units in 2Q08, says WitsView

24 July 2008

Taipei, July 24, 2008---Global aggregated large-sized panel shipments in 2Q08 reached 110.8 million units, a QoQ increase of 6.7% and a YoY growth of 22.4%, according to WitsView's latest shipment report The growth mainly stemmed from increases in IT panel shipments, especially the NB segment, where it jumped by 12.9% to 35.4 million units.

Large-sized panel prices fall further in 2HJuly, according to WitsView

22 July 2008

Taipei, July 21, 2008---The large-sized panel prices continue to fall further in the second half of July: TV panels slipped 2-3 per cent ($10), NB panels dropped about 3 per cent ($4) and monitor panels fell 6-7 per cent ($8).

WitsView MCI index reveals higher TFT-LCD market pressure

18 July 2008

Taipei, July 2, 2008---In June, the MCI index plunged by 968.7 points, dropping from 8306.2 (June 2, 2008) to 7337.4 (June 30, 2008), reaching a new low since the start of 2008. Aside from the external negative factors (inflation pressures, record high oil prices and so forth), the sharp decline reflected rising concerns on the LCD sector’s inherent market fundamentals.

WitsView sees panel price spiraling downward in July - biggest drop seen in IT sector

18 July 2008

Taipei, July 7, 2008---According to WitsView, the 1HJul price of monitor panels fell 7-8 per cent (about $10), NB panels dropped 4-5 per cent ($5) and TV panel slipped 2-3 per cent ($5-15), marking the biggest decline for 2008, especially in the IT segment.

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