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TV Panel Price Increases Converge, Monitor Panel Prices Halt Upward Trend and Stabilize

In the realm of TV panels, after experiencing consecutive growth for two quarters, brand customers are increasingly feeling the pressure of rising procurement costs. Additionally, with the momentum for year-end promotions gradually winding down, brand customers are preparing to adjust their TV panel purchases, with these adjustments expected to gradually reflect in price trends over the coming months. Looking at TV panel prices in September, it is currently projected that 32-inch and 43-inch prices will remain stable, while 50-inch and 55-inch models will see a $1 increase, and 65-inch and 75-inch models will see a $3 increase. Compared to the previous months, price increases are expected to show significant convergence.

On the monitor panel front, demand in the commercial sector continues to be weak, and brand customers in the consumer sector are gradually reducing their procurement needs. Furthermore, they are adopting a more conservative outlook for fourth-quarter demand, resulting in a shrinking price increase potential. While there is still some room for minor upward adjustments in prices for certain lower-priced models, overall, the trend of continuous price increases witnessed in recent months is expected to cease. It is currently anticipated that monitor panel prices in September will remain stable across the board.

Turning our attention to notebook panels, overall demand has reached its peak. However, panel manufacturers remain proactive in pushing for higher panel prices. When it comes to specifications, demand for lower-tier TN models is still relatively stronger compared to mid to high-tier IPS models. Consequently, there is a possibility of TN panel prices maintaining their previous months’ upward trend, while IPS panels also have a chance of seeing price increases in September due to the active efforts of panel manufacturers. It is currently projected that lower-tier TN models may see a $0.2 increase in September, while mid to high-tier IPS models may see a $0.1 increase.


75-inch TV Panels Surge, Laptop and Monitor Prices Stable to Slightly Up in Late August

August Sees TV Demand Fluctuations

Entering August, the TV brand demands echo with noise. Despite 7% Q3 growth, a noticeable dip from last month’s projections appears. Yet, panel makers hold steady, adjusting production and raising TV panel prices due to unclear trends for larger sizes. Expect strong TV panel prices in August, up by USD 2~8. Notably, 75-inch panels could surge around USD 8.

Monitor Panels in August: Steady Outlook

In August, as consumer model demands saturate and commercial model needs to stay low, brands approach price hikes cautiously. Despite this, panel manufacturers aim to increase prices. Expect minor upticks in monitor panel prices for August. Open Cell panels could see a convergence of price increases, around USD 0.1. Projections include USD 0.1 hikes for 21.5-inch, 23.8-inch, and 27-inch panels.

Laptop Panel in August: Cautious Price Adjustments

Looking at August laptop panel prices, constrained growth in Q3 demand from top-tier brands leads to a cautious stance on broad price increases. Most brands accept minor adjustments for low-end HD TN models. Meanwhile, specific manufacturers slightly raise prices for mid-to-high-end FHD IPS models to select customers, while mainstream prices remain restrained. Anticipate a USD 0.1 uptick for HD TN models and stable prices for FHD IPS models in August.


August Sees Continued Panel Price Surge, TV Panels Lead the Way

TV brands are gearing up for year-end promotions in August, driving the continued surge in TV panel prices seen in recent months. Despite concerns over rising costs and potential procurement reductions, panel manufacturers believe that strategic production control based on demand can maintain price momentum. August is expected to bring price increases of USD 2~10 for various TV panel sizes.

In the monitor segment, August might see moderate price increases. Commercial demand remains weak, while consumer demand surged in Q2, with modest growth projected for Q3. Price hikes for Open Cell panels are expected to be around USD 0.1~0.2. Quotations for panel modules indicate a USD 0.1 increase for 21.5-inch, 23.8-inch, and 27-inch sizes.

Notebook panel prices are slightly rising in August. However, due to strong second-quarter shipments and limited Q3 growth, price adjustments will likely focus on entry-level HD TN models. Manufacturers aim for comprehensive adjustments, projecting a USD 0.1 increase for both HD TN and FHD IPS models. The extent of these changes will depend on negotiations between manufacturers and brands.


Panel Prices for TVs, Laptops, and Monitors Enter Rising Phase in Late July

In Q3, TV panel purchasing momentum is strong, with an estimated 7~8% growth by QoQ. Manufacturers are confident in raising prices due to increased demand, aiming to turn TV panel production profitable. As a result, TV panel prices are expected to continue rising, with increases of 2~8 USD for different sizes.

Monitor panel prices continue to rise in July, with consumer models showing higher demand than commercial ones. Brands focused on consumer models or smaller secondary brands are more likely to experience moderate price increases. Anticipated price adjustments for July: Open Cell products are up by around 0.2 ~0.5 USD, the 21.5-inch panel is up by 0.2 USD, the 23.8-inch panel is up by 0.2 USD, and 27-inch panel price remains unchanged.

In Q3, panel manufacturers consider raising prices for NB panels. Q2 saw a 30% shipment growth due to increased demand from brand customers, but Q3 demand is expected to be cautious, leading to a 3% shipment increase. Lower-end TN models have higher demand than IPS ones. Anticipated July prices: 14-inch and 15.6-inch TN models may see a slight 0.1 USD increase, while IPS models remain unchanged.


TV Panel Demand Slows After E-commerce Festival, June Price Increases Converge

TV panel prices have been on a continuous rise from the bottom of the first quarter to the second quarter, surpassing cash costs. Panel manufacturers are determined to reverse their losses and maintain a strong stance on price hikes. They are also adjusting production rates to maintain the supply-demand balance. However, the demand side indicates a slowdown as the Chinese e-commerce sale season has completed its stocking, and a significant surge in demand is expected to occur in the third quarter. As a result, the overall demand momentum is currently leveling off. Consequently, this month’s price increases for TV panels are expected to show a slight convergence.

Some panel manufacturers are actively increasing monitor panel prices after a period of stability. The prices of Open Cell panel products were previously too low, allowing room for further price increases. This month, prices are expected to rise by USD 0.2~0.5. However, the trend for panel module products is less clear due to varying attitudes toward price hikes among manufacturers, especially newer entrants trying to secure orders with lower prices. As a result, mainstream panel sizes like 23.8 inches and 27 inches are expected to remain mostly unchanged in price this month.

Notebook panel prices have remained stable despite a pricing struggle between brand customers and manufacturers. Demand is steadily increasing, leading panel manufacturers to consider price hikes. However, brand customers are hesitant due to uncertain prospects in the coming months. While there is growth in demand, it is mainly driven by inventory restocking rather than additional demand. As a result, panel prices are expected to stay flat this month, with little room for increases until the end of Q2.

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