TV Panel Demand Slows After E-commerce Festival, June Price Increases Converge

2023-06-05 Display TrendForce

TV panel prices have been on a continuous rise from the bottom of the first quarter to the second quarter, surpassing cash costs. Panel manufacturers are determined to reverse their losses and maintain a strong stance on price hikes. They are also adjusting production rates to maintain the supply-demand balance. However, the demand side indicates a slowdown as the Chinese e-commerce sale season has completed its stocking, and a significant surge in demand is expected to occur in the third quarter. As a result, the overall demand momentum is currently leveling off. Consequently, this month’s price increases for TV panels are expected to show a slight convergence.

Some panel manufacturers are actively increasing monitor panel prices after a period of stability. The prices of Open Cell panel products were previously too low, allowing room for further price increases. This month, prices are expected to rise by USD 0.2~0.5. However, the trend for panel module products is less clear due to varying attitudes toward price hikes among manufacturers, especially newer entrants trying to secure orders with lower prices. As a result, mainstream panel sizes like 23.8 inches and 27 inches are expected to remain mostly unchanged in price this month.

Notebook panel prices have remained stable despite a pricing struggle between brand customers and manufacturers. Demand is steadily increasing, leading panel manufacturers to consider price hikes. However, brand customers are hesitant due to uncertain prospects in the coming months. While there is growth in demand, it is mainly driven by inventory restocking rather than additional demand. As a result, panel prices are expected to stay flat this month, with little room for increases until the end of Q2.