[Insights] The Panel Prices Entering Early January: Potential Price Increase for TV Panels, while Declines Expected in NB and MNT Panels

2024-01-08 Consumer Electronics / Display editor

TrendForce discloses the latest panel prices for early January, with details as follows.

  • TV

Entering the first quarter of 2024, despite the onset of a demand downturn, panel manufacturers are persistently implementing large-scale production cuts and maintenance plans, aiming to create opportunities for a reversal in supply and demand for TV panels.

Currently, observations since December indicate that ter 2 brands have begun increasing inventory for 32″ and 43″ panels, with signs of price increases emerging.

Therefore, the anticipated trend for TV panel prices in January suggests that 32″ and 43″ panels may be the first to stabilize, while the price decline for larger-sized panels is expected to moderate. A projected decrease of $1 for 50″ and 55″, and a decrease of $2 for 65″ and 75″.

  • MNT

Entering 2024, despite current weak demand, panel manufacturers are encouraging early stocking through production cuts and scheduled maintenance plans to seek opportunities for stabilizing monitor panel prices.

Additionally, with potential risks in shipping routes in the current challenging environment, some customers, particularly those focused on the European and American markets, are intensifying their inventory plans.

Therefore, in the price trend for monitor panels in January, mainstream sizes such as 23.8″ and 27″ are expected to decrease by $0.1 and $0.2 for Open-Cell panels. There is also the possibility of further contraction of the decline.

  • NB

After entering the first quarter of 2024, there is a noticeable decline in demand for NB panels. Brands urgently request panel manufacturers to lower panel prices. Additionally, the lower prices from Tier 2 panel manufacturers contribute to the ongoing downward pressure on panel prices.

Observing the price trend for NB panels in January, for 16:10 models, brands are aiming to narrow the price gap with 16:9 models due to the higher unit price. As a result, the 14″ 16:10 model is expected to decrease by $0.2, and the 16″16:10 model is anticipated to experience a larger decline of $0.3.

The mainstream 16:9 IPS models are expected to decrease by $0.1, while 16:9 TN models are expected to remain relatively stable.

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