Panel Prices for TVs, Laptops, and Monitors Enter Rising Phase in Late July

2023-07-20 Display TrendForce

In Q3, TV panel purchasing momentum is strong, with an estimated 7~8% growth by QoQ. Manufacturers are confident in raising prices due to increased demand, aiming to turn TV panel production profitable. As a result, TV panel prices are expected to continue rising, with increases of 2~8 USD for different sizes.

Monitor panel prices continue to rise in July, with consumer models showing higher demand than commercial ones. Brands focused on consumer models or smaller secondary brands are more likely to experience moderate price increases. Anticipated price adjustments for July: Open Cell products are up by around 0.2 ~0.5 USD, the 21.5-inch panel is up by 0.2 USD, the 23.8-inch panel is up by 0.2 USD, and 27-inch panel price remains unchanged.

In Q3, panel manufacturers consider raising prices for NB panels. Q2 saw a 30% shipment growth due to increased demand from brand customers, but Q3 demand is expected to be cautious, leading to a 3% shipment increase. Lower-end TN models have higher demand than IPS ones. Anticipated July prices: 14-inch and 15.6-inch TN models may see a slight 0.1 USD increase, while IPS models remain unchanged.