Key Production Process of Micro LED Apple Watch to Allegedly Be Handed Over to LGD

2023-07-20 Consumer Electronics / LED editor

According to research conducted by TrendForce, the much-anticipated Micro LED version of the Apple Watch is facing yet another delay and is now expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2026. The primary reason behind this delay is believed to be the need for reconfiguring the production supply chain.

Previously, industry speculations suggested that Apple would take charge of the core production process, particularly the massive transfer of Micro LED technology. However, recent industry research by TrendForce indicate that LG Display (LGD) might now take over this crucial aspect of the production process.

The critical process involved in the production of the Micro LED version of the Apple Watch, especially the massive transfer of Micro LED technology, has been a point of interest in the industry. It was widely speculated that Apple would handle this key engineering either at its Cupertino headquarters in the United States or potentially transfer the production to its facility in Longtan, Taiwan, for the essential massive transfer of the technology.

TrendForce understands that Apple’s decision to undertake the crucial engineering process in either the United States or Taiwan reflects their intent to have complete control over the core manufacturing process during the initial production phase. However, this approach also introduces complexities in terms of logistics and supply chain management, as the chips are set to be manufactured in Malaysia, the backplates in South Korea, and the final assembly by system integrators in China or Vietnam.

As a result, recent industry research by TrendForce indicate that Apple has finalized LGD as its primary collaborator for Micro LED production. This means that LGD will now be responsible for the critical massive transfer process. In addition to providing its own equipment and technical support, Apple is also expected to invest in LGD’s related equipment procurement to ensure a smooth transition and expedited progress in the Micro LED production pipeline.

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