NAND Flash Prices Up or Stable; DRAM Prices Continuing to Decline in Late July

2023-07-19 Semiconductors TrendForce

DRAM Spot Market
The situation in the spot market has not noticeably changed from last week and is still showing sluggish demand. Additionally, as mentioned in previous bulletins, there has been an influx of chips stripped from decommissioned server DRAM modules. These chips primarily come from the two major South Korean suppliers’ legacy processes and are reused in PC DRAM and consumer DRAM products after software modifications. In terms of performance, the reused chips from the Korean suppliers can reach a data rate of 3200MT/s. Overall, the presence of these reused chips continues to exert downward pressure on spot prices, particularly for DDR4 products. The average spot price of mainstream chips (i.e., DDR4 1Gx8 2666MT/s) fell by 0.27% from US$1.497 last week to US$1.493 this week.

NAND Flash Spot Market

The spot market remains unaffected by the quarterly list prices of suppliers that have increased or leveled certain packaged dies, where sluggishness is seen lingering among overall demand under sporadic inquiries. In addition, concluded prices are still dropping slowly due to the lack of urgency among clients under sufficient stocks of the current spot market. 512Gb TLC wafer spots have dropped by 0.14% this week, arriving at US$1.402.