[News] TSMC’s 7th Advanced Packaging and Testing Plant Likely to Settle in Yunlin or Chiayi

2023-12-19 Semiconductors editor

Following Intel’s move to split its outsourced foundry model, TSMC is gearing up to expand its advanced manufacturing processes in Taiwan, ready to face the competition head-on.

According to China Time’s report, following the equipment first tool-in at the 2nm fab in Baoshan scheduled for April next year, industry sources suggest a high likelihood of the 1.4nm fab being established in the second phase of the Central Taiwan Science Park.

Additionally, TSMC is actively expanding its CoWoS process and considering the construction of its 7th advanced packaging and testing plant in the central region, with Chiayi Science Park and Yunlin actively under consideration.

Semiconductor industry insiders point out that TSMC is beginning to feel the pressure, and this year, founder Morris Chang’s main concern regarding competition has shifted from Samsung to the resurgent Intel.

Starting from the second quarter of next year, Intel, a rival of TSMC, plans to separately disclose financial reports for chip development and Intel Foundry Services (IFS), implementing its internal foundry outsourcing model.

Intel’s move aims to protect the assets and know-how of third-party customers. Coupled with international chip design firms gradually releasing orders to Intel due to diversified supply chain concerns, it shows that Intel’s outsourcing strategy is gradually proving effective.

Intel’s recent successes in foundry processes, including the PowerVia backside power delivery technology, glass substrates and Foveros Direct for advanced packaging.

According to TrendForce’s 3Q23 Ranking of  Global Top10 Foundries by Revenue, Intel’s foundry business has entered the global top 10 for the first time, ranking ninth with the industry’s fastest quarterly growth.

Confronted with growing competition from Intel, TSMC is intensifying its efforts and accelerating the construction of advanced process production capacity. The recent expansion plans are becoming clearer, with the 1.4nm fab likely located in the second phase of the Central Taiwan Science Park, aligning with the ongoing increase in demand for advanced packaging.

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Please note that this article cites information from China Times