[News] Foxconn’s New EVs Showcase CDMS Advantage! As Foxconn Plans to Produce 100,000 Electric Cars Annually in Taiwan

2023-10-19 Emerging Technologies editor

Foxconn, during its 2023 Foxconn Tech Day, has introduced the MODEL N electric logistics vehicle and the mass-production version of the MODEL B crossover SUV. These offerings cater to different segments of the electric vehicle market, showcasing Foxconn’s versatile electric vehicle solutions. Additionally, they presented several models in the MODEL C lineup.

Foxconn’s Chairman, Young Liu, highlighted the company’s strategic transformation, stating, “Foxconn is turning from a manufacturing service company into a platform solution company. Foxconn’s CDMS (Commissioned Design and Manufacturing Service) service model is total solutions and bespoke solutions in the automotive space.”

MODEL C has successfully passed multiple testing and validation phases. Foxconn announced plans for performance and extended-range versions of MODEL C in the near future, with more robust powertrains, faster 0-100 km/h acceleration, and longer endurance. These options offer brand customers a range of choices. The vehicle is already in use by brand customers in Taiwan, with official sales now underway. Foxconn is set to begin mass production and deliveries starting in November, allowing consumers to hit the road in the first quarter of the coming year.

Liu also disclosed that LUXGEN n7 pre-orders have exceeded 5,000 units. Through CDMS, LUXGEN can focus on marketing and service, while Foxconn concentrates on design and manufacturing. This division of labor allows for faster time-to-cost and time-to-market, a strategy expected to yield more success stories in the future.

Liu emphasized that as with PCs and smartphones, automotive manufacturing is also shifting toward an outsourcing model. As competition intensifies, Foxconn’s role becomes more prominent, and the demand for specialized manufacturing services increases. Foxconn completes 80% of the operations, while customers handle the remaining 20%, thereby creating added value.

When asked about the growing proportion of OEM development in mainland China, Liu explained that CDMS has not yet been opened in China. However, with the increasing competitiveness of the Chinese electric vehicle market, cost-saving trends will likely emerge. When the time is right, Foxconn will establish electric vehicle manufacturing capabilities in China.

Regarding the three electric systems, electric motors, electronic control, and batteries, Liu stated that these systems will undergo local production in regions of relevance, with major research and development efforts carried out in Taiwan. A portion of production will remain in Taiwan, while another portion will be localized. The proportion of these three systems will depend on the electric vehicle production volume in other countries and collaborations with local brand companies. In Taiwan, the plan is to achieve an annual production scale of 50,000 to 100,000 electric vehicles, with the goal of securing a 10% market share.

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(Photo credit: Foxconn’s Stream)