[News] Foxconn Aims to Create AI Factory for Smart Cities and EVs with NVIDIA

2023-10-18 Emerging Technologies editor

Foxconn’s annual Technology Day kicked off today at the Nangang Exhibition Center, following the tradition of celebrating founder Terry Gou’s birthday. Although Mr. Gou was not present at the event, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made a surprise appearance, introducing the production version of Model B and highlighting its appeal to young couples.

Jensen Huang announced that he and Foxconn Chairman Young Liu are collaborating to establish an AI Factory. He shared hand-drawn sketches, emphasizing that they are adopting a novel approach to software development, enabling computers to create software based on human preferences and experiences. To ensure a computer’s ability to learn effectively, it must have access to abundant data from which it can derive valuable insights and experiences..

He unveiled the vital role of robust computers in facilitating AI learning. With NVIDIA’s assistance, Foxconn may collect enough data for AI to process shape network models, paving the way for innovative intelligence.

Jensen Huang then emphasized that this groundbreaking system is set to empower any factory or company, with Foxconn’s cutting-edge electric vehicle Model B enabling interaction between drivers and passengers. The AI Factory will offer a wide array of tools, including software solutions, to enhance the overall quality of life.

Chairman Liu reiterated their determination to bring AI Factory into fruition, backed by three core platforms: Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart EVs, all of which are driven by the innovative AI Factory.

Huang noted that these efforts will all be fueled by AI intelligence, ultimately creating substantial value. In a light-hearted tone, he concluded, “Let’s meet at the night market!”

Adding an interesting twist to the day’s events, Foxconn’s Tech Day featured three Foxconn N7 electric cars in deep blue, light blue, and white. Notably, the white vehicle showcased a handwritten message from Jensen Huang that read, “To Young and my friend at Foxconn, beautiful and amazing EVs! Jensen Huang.”

(Photo credit: Foxconn’s Stream)