[News] Foxconn’s Tech Day Showcases New Electric Vehicle Model and Vertical Integration Capabilities

2023-10-18 Emerging Technologies editor

In an event held on October 18, 2023, Foxconn Chairman Young Liu unveiled the company’s latest electric vehicle, MODEL N, demonstrating Foxconn’s comprehensive vertical integration capabilities. He also encouraged traditional automotive companies to harness Foxconn’s strengths for their future endeavors.

Chairman Young Liu expressed his excitement at the event, saying, “I am so excited to show off our latest EV model. This is MODEL N. With this new EV, we demonstrate a full range of vertically integrated capabilities. Traditional automotive companies, yes, I’m talking to you-can tap in all of these.”

He highlighted Foxconn’s achievements in the automotive industry over the past three years, including the introduction of various eye-catching products such as high-end sedan, passenger crossover, SUV, compact pick-up, commercial bus, and commercial van.

Chairman Liu emphasized that Foxconn’s CDMS (Commissioned Design and Manufacturing Service) business model provides the automotive industry with total and bespoke solutions. This business model significantly reduces costs and shortens time to market, which are critical factors for the future success of EV.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore Foxconn’s electric logistics vehicles in the morning. In the afternoon, they were introduced to LEO, Foxconn’s Low Earth Orbit satellite. This satellite has already been packed and is scheduled to launch next month.

Chairman Liu mentioned that, before this, two of Foxconn’s CSO would setp onto the Tech Day stage to share their insights and perspectives on the EV and semiconductor industries.

(Photo credit: Foxconn’s Stream)