TV and Monitor Panel Prices Stabilize, Notebook Prices Continue to Rise in Late September

2023-09-20 Display TrendForce

TV panel prices have reached relatively high levels after nearly two-quarters of increases. Brand customers face the dual pressures of weak demand and rising procurement costs, leading to early adjustments in their purchasing strategies. Third-quarter TV panel procurement has been revised down from the previous estimated 6-7% quarterly growth to near-flat levels. Fourth-quarter demand is also expected to decrease, requiring panel manufacturers to prepare for the off-season. Panel prices are anticipated to stabilize in late September.

Monitor panel demand surged in the second quarter, but third-quarter shipments are only expected to grow by 1~2%. As we approach the fourth quarter, brand customers will feel more pressure to adjust their demand. After a few months of slight price increases, monitor panel prices are expected to stabilize across the board in September.

Notebook panel demand peaked in August of the third quarter and is expected to dip slightly in September. However, overall third-quarter shipments are set to grow slightly compared to the second quarter. Some panel manufacturers aim to maintain price increases. With major brands increasing safety stock levels or working toward year-end goals, a marginal USD 0.1 increase in notebook panel prices is expected in September.