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TrendFroce:Warning to Europe, China is ready to fight back by imposing anti-dumping tariff on USA’s and Korea’s polysilicon products

24 July 2013

On July 24th, Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) will start to impose anti-dumping tariff on the polysilicon products made in USA and Korea. According to the published documents, US polysilicon manufacturers have suffered a serious blow with the tax rate imposed being 53.3%-57%.

TrendForce:Benefiting from Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Policy, Taiwan’s PV cell shipments in 1H13 increases by 6.7% YoY

23 July 2013

Investigated by global market intelligence organization TrendForce’s research division EnergyTrend, despite the persistence of the global trade wars, Taiwan’s PV cell demand continued to increase in 1H13 compared with that in 1H12.

TrendForce:The shipment for Chinese PV products account for 60% in the 1H13, future of European module manufacturing industry becomes unpredictable

22 July 2013

Several PV manufacturers in Europe have either declared bankruptcy or are seeking to reorganize. For example, Solarezo, Conergy, and Gehrlicher all filed for insolvency and some manufacturers have started business restructuring. While Scheuten Solar has been looking for buyers to take over its German module plant, Panasonic has planned to close its module plant in Hungary in September.

TrendForce:Shipments and revenue of global first-tier PV manufacturers released, the anti-dumping policy accelerates PV applications Expansion

2 July 2013

The 1Q13 financial results of PV manufacturers were successively released in June. Affected by the Q1 off season of the European market as well as the Chinese New Year off season, even though the reduced subsidy in Germany and U.K. has boosted demands, the amount of shipments of global PV manufacturers still decreased.

TrendForce:With grace period for the anti-dumping and countervailing policy approaching, Chinese manufacturers accelerate shipment to alleviate inventory pressure

1 July 2013

The grace period for the anti-dumping and countervailing policy which Europe offered is half way through. Currently, different interest groups in the market have come up with different sayings. Although the compromise among Europe, China, and the committee hasn’t been reached yet, the overall market trend is transforming quietly.

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