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TrendFroce: PV Shifts its Focus to China and Battle over Domestic Demand About to Begin in 2014

18 September 2013

Due to the EU-China trade wars and the rising of Asian markets, PV manufacutrers have started to re-adjust their strategic plans.

TrendForce:Wafer Manufacturers Plan to Raise Prices in Face of Growing Polysilicon Costs

3 September 2013

As prices of China’s polysilicon spot market continue its upward ascend, it triggered price hikes in Asia’s polysilicon market that in turn caused cost increases for wafer manufacturers. Continual raw material price upticks are compressing silicon wafer manufacturers’ profits. Under operation pressure, wafer manufacturers are also considering raising silicon wafer prices.

TrendForce: The market share of diversified residential market may exceed 50% in 2015, high-efficiency products are becoming the trend in PV industry

19 August 2013

TetraSun, a high-efficiency silicon PV cell manufacturer, was merged by First Solar recently. By officially entering the silicon PV cell territory, First Solar is planning to pilot-run 100MW high-efficiency mono-si cells in 2014 and start mass production in 2015.

TrendForce: European PV market’s low threshold weakens the impact of Chinese PV manufacturers

15 August 2013

Setting a minimum price and a volume limit on EU imports of Chinese solar panels has become the final solution to solar trade dispute between China and Europe.

TrendForce: Launch of EU-China new agreement leads to unpredictable PV price in the third quarter

12 August 2013

The new agreement between China and Europe on EU imports of Chinese solar panels has officially been launched. The result of the minimum price and volume limit, which the industry is most concerned about, has also been released. The minimum price of Chinese modules shipped to Europe from now on will be €0.56/Watt.

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