[News] AMD Reportedly Eyes Mass Production in 2025 for Zen 6 Architecture with TSMC’s N3E Process

2024-07-04 Consumer Electronics / Semiconductors editor

According to a report from Notebookcheck citing market rumors, it’s suggested that the AMD Zen 6 architecture, codenamed Morpheus, will utilize 2nm and 3nm processes. The Zen 6 series includes three versions: Standard, Dense Classic, and Client Dense. Later rumors also indicate the architecture will feature three core configurations: 8-core (Zen 6), 16-core (Zen 6c), and 32-core (Zen 6c Extended).

The same report further indicates that, in the consumer market, the Zen 6 series will include high-end laptop versions like Medusa Point, platform versions for AM5 like Medusa Ridge, and versions suitable for both gaming laptops and desktops like Medusa Halo. AMD plans to launch the Zen 6 architecture in the second quarter of 2025, with production starting by the end of 2025, though mass production might be delayed to 2026.

AMD unveiled Strix Point at COMPUTEX 2024, featuring a combination of the Zen 5 series and RDNA 3.5 architecture. Strix Point’s launch was delayed by two quarters due to issues related to AMD’s plans for 3nm production, which were eventually canceled.

AMD also had plans for Strix Halo, rumored to use TSMC’s N3E process for producing IOD (input/output die) chips similar to Medusa Halo. Strix Halo’s launch was also delayed, possibly due to issues with the IOD chip.

Compared to the Zen 5 series architecture, the Zen 6 series is expected to feature a nearly redesigned memory controller and a new scheduling program. The Zen 6 architecture represents a significant overhaul similar to the Zen 2 architecture, with substantial changes. AMD is said to be looking to finalize the Zen 6 series design by the third quarter and commence production in 2025.

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Please note that this article cites information from Notebookcheck.

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