[News] US Reportedly to Ban Import of Chinese Connected Vehicles

As per a report from Reuters, US Commerce Secretary Raimondo stated on May 8th that the need for the government to take the threat posed by China-produced connected cars more seriously, suggesting potential “extreme action” to restrict or prohibit the import of such vehicles to prevent the leakage of data belonging to US citizens.

Regarding the national security risk investigation launched by Washington earlier this year into Chinese automobiles, Raimondo expressed concerns that Chinese connected vehicles could collect a vast amount of data about Americans, including who they are, what they say in their car, where they go to, as well as their patterns of driving.

Per Reuters, the US administration initiated a review in February this year on whether the import of Chinese automobiles poses a national security risk. Raimondo stated on May 8th that the Department of Commerce is reviewing the public’s comments on this review submitted before April 30th.

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(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Please note that this article cites information from Reuters.

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