[News] US Considers Sanctioning Huawei-Linked Chinese Chip Network, Huawei-Related Enterprises Blacklisted

2024-03-21 Semiconductors editor

According to Bloomberg citing sources, the US government is considering adding Chinese semiconductor companies linked to Huawei to a blacklist. This move comes after Huawei made significant breakthroughs in technology last year, indicating a potential escalation in US efforts to curb China’s ambitions in AI and semiconductors.

As per a report from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), most of the potentially affected Chinese entities are identified as chip manufacturing facilities either acquired by or under construction by Huawei. Among them, companies that may be blacklisted include Qingdao Si’En, SwaySure, and Shenzhen Pengsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, US officials are also considering action against companies like Changxin Memory Technologies (CXMT). A previous report from Bloomberg already indicated that the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) was contemplating placing CXMT on the entity list, which would restrict their access to US technology. Additionally, restrictions on five other Chinese companies are being considered, although the final list is yet to be confirmed.

Regarding this matter, the BIS and White House National Security Council declined to comment at that time.

In addition to companies involved in actual chip production, the United States may also consider sanctioning Shenzhen Pengjin High-Tech Co., Ltd. and SiCarrier. Per the report citing industry sources, there are concerns that these two semiconductor manufacturing equipment companies may act as agents to help Huawei obtain restricted equipment.

Currently, companies that have been listed on the entity list by the US Department of Commerce include Huawei, SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation), and Shanghai Micro Electronics. Additionally, China’s other major memory manufacturer, Yangtze Memory Technology Corp, was added to this restriction list in 2022.

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Please note that this article cites information from Bloomberg.