[News] Intel Unveils Two New GPUs, Manufactured on TSMC’s 4nm Process while Reportedly Targeting NVIDIA RTX 40 Series

2024-04-01 Semiconductors editor

According to wccftech, Intel’s new GPUs will come in two models, namely Battlemage-G10 (abbreviated as BMG-G10) and Battlemage-G21 (abbreviated as BMG-G21).

These two new GPUs from Intel were revealed in an internal document. According to the document, the BMG-G10, targeted at enthusiasts, is a GPU with a TDP of less than 225W, while the BMG-G21 is designed as a mid-range performance product with a maximum TDP not exceeding 150W.

As for specific parameters and performance, the enthusiast-grade BMG-G10 is expected to be equipped with up to 64 Xe2 cores, directly competing with NVIDIA’s RTX 4070. On the other hand, the mid-range BMG-G21 aims at the RTX 4060, both continuing to utilize TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process.

Therefore, previous rumors suggesting that Intel had canceled the development of BMG-G10 and only retained the BMG-G21 with 40 Xe2 cores appear to be untrue. Moreover, the core count of BMG-G10 is larger than initially reported at 56 Xe2 cores, indicating it is poised to deliver even higher performance.

Recently, per a report from Reuters, Intel, Qualcomm, Google, and other major tech companies are teaming up to challenge NVIDIA’s market dominance and make inroads into the AI software sector. They are expected to look to steer developers away from NVIDIA’s CUDA software platform, a parallel computing platform tailored for GPU acceleration.

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(Photo credit: Intel)

Please note that this article cites information from wccftech and Reuters.