[News] Foxconn Capitalizes on AI Opportunities? Reportedly Looking at Apple’s AI Server Market, B200 Also Poised to Succeed

2024-03-06 Semiconductors editor

As per a report from TechNews, Apple’s pivot into AI, abandoning its “Project Titan” for electric cars, signals a shift towards Generative AI. The report further cites sources indicate that Foxconn may provide AI servers to Apple and is currently in testing phase.

Regarding this matter, Foxconn responded with no comment on individual clients or products.

According to reports from Economic Daily News, Apple has conducted extensive AI feature testing and, given Foxconn’s global leadership in server manufacturing, it has emerged as Apple’s preferred partner for the AI project.

In addition to Apple, during a recent financial conference, Dell’s COO, Jeff Clarke, disclosed that NVIDIA is set to launch a new generation server GPU, “B200,” based on the Blackwell architecture in 2025. Notably, this revelation wasn’t part of NVIDIA’s product roadmap released in October 2023, and the company has not officially mentioned this product. 

Currently, the H100 utilizes TSMC’s 4-nanometer process technology, with Foxconn securing approximately 90% of the assembly orders last year. While the fabrication process for the B100 and B200 chips remains unconfirmed, industry expectations cited by the report have pointed to the 3-nanometer process.

Previously, media speculation cited by the report from Commercial Times stated that although the B100 chip boasts computational power at least twice that of the H200 and four times that of the H100, still, B100’s tenure in the market is anticipated to be short-lived, with the B200 emerging as the mainstream product. It is rumored that Foxconn Industrial Internet will handle the manufacturing for the B200.

Foxconn’s Chairman Young Liu previously indicated a strong demand for AI servers, with Foxconn securing new projects continuously.

Foxconn spokesperson James Wu noted that Foxconn Group commands over 40% market share in the server industry, particularly in the mid-to-high-end products related to AI servers. Foxconn closely collaborates with customers and aims to maintain its dominance, anticipating substantial contributions once the entire supply chain stabilizes.

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Please note that this article cites information from Economic Daily NewsTechNews CNA and Commercial Times.