[News] Samsung Reportedly Organizing Next-Gen Chip Fabrication Team, Aiming to Seize the Initiative in the AI Field

According to the South Korean media The Korea Economic Daily’s report, Samsung Electronics has established a new business unit dedicated to developing next-generation chip processing technology. The aim is to secure a leading position in the field of AI chips and foundry services.

The report indicates that the recently formed research team at Samsung will be led by Hyun Sang-jin, who was promoted to the position of general manager on November 29. He has been assigned the responsibility of ensuring a competitive advantage against competitors like TSMC in the technology landscape.

The team will be placed under Samsung’s chip research center within its Device Solutions (DS) division, which oversees its semiconductor business, as mentioned in the report.

Reportedly, insiders claim that Samsung aims for the latest technology developed by the team to lead the industry for the next decade or two, similar to the gate-all-around (GAA) transistor technology introduced by Samsung last year.

Samsung has previously stated that compared to the previous generation process, the 3-nanometer GAA process can deliver a 30% improvement in performance, a 50% reduction in power consumption, and a 45% reduction in chip size. In the report, Samsung also claimed that it is more energy-efficient compared to FinFET technology, which is utilized by the TSMC’s 3-nanometer process.

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(Photo credit: Samsung)