[News] NVIDIA Expands Autonomous Driving Team in China, Actively Recruiting Talent

2023-11-30 Emerging Technologies editor

According to Chinatimes’ report, NVIDIA, the powerhouse in the AI domain, has recently announced recruitment initiatives in China, signaling an expansion of its autonomous driving team to propel the arrival of the AI-defined automotive era.

With a total of 25 positions across five departments, the focus is primarily on fields such as autonomous driving software, algorithms, and more, with job locations spanning Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

The five departments open for recruitment at NVIDIA encompass the Autonomous Driving Software Group, Autonomous Driving Platform Group, System Integration and Testing Group, Map and Simulation Group, and the Product Group.

While each department has a varying number of open positions, the collective count reaches 25. Notably, within less than a day of posting the recruitment information on LinkedIn, NVIDIA has received over 100 resumes, indicating significant interest in the roles.

According to NVIDIA’s introduction, the mission of their autonomous driving team is to design, create, and deploy the safest and most advanced artificial intelligence-driven systems for automation and autonomous vehicles.

The scope of their work spans various modes of transportation, ranging from passenger cars to commercial vehicles and robot taxis. Safety is their top priority, whether it involves simultaneously training and testing AI in data centers or performing real-time data processing in vehicles.

NVIDIA asserts that as a leader in AI and accelerated computing, their autonomous driving solutions are global in scope. They aim to collaborate with automotive manufacturers to create value for users worldwide on the journey from L2 to L4 autonomy levels.

On the other hand, the team is led by Wu Xinzhou, who resigned from his position as Vice President of Autonomous Driving at XPeng Motors in August of this year.

Wu aspires for the Chinese autonomous driving team to become a core force propelling NVIDIA’s autonomous driving products to commercialization. He envisions leveraging China’s talent pool and experience to collaboratively create globally competitive autonomous driving products.

Wu also outlined specific requirements for prospective candidates, emphasizing the need for a solid professional background, strong self-motivation, a relentless pursuit of excellence in technology and product development, alignment with NVIDIA’s diverse work environment, and excellent communication skills to engage effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds.

(Photo credit: Nvidia)