[News] Japanese Gov’t Grants TSMC 900B Yen, Kumamoto Fab 2 Announcement Soon

2023-11-10 Semiconductors editor

The formal Japanese government approval marks a substantial financial boost of up to 900 billion yen to aid TSMC in establishing its 2nd fab in Kumamoto. The primary aim is to strengthen Japan’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and enhance the overall resilience of the global supply chain.

With subsidy matters settled, TSMC’s formal announcement of the Kumamoto 2nd Fab project is anticipating in the near future, reported by TechNews.

Akira Amari, a Japanese lawmaker and leader of the parliamentary association to promote semiconductor strategy, reveals that Japan is gearing up to allocate a subsidy of up to 900 billion yen for the second-phase expansion of TSMC’s Kumamoto fab. The plan involves transitioning from the 22/28 nm and 12/16 nm processes to the more advanced 7 nm process. Once completed, Japan is anticipated to emerge as the leading semiconductor supply hub globally.

Media reports suggest that the cabinet amendment is expected to allot a total of 1.9 trillion yen for semiconductor subsidies in Japan. Japanese companies are slated to receive 590 billion yen, while TSMC’s second-phase expansion project in Kumamoto is in line for the highest subsidy of 900 billion yen, surpassing the market’s earlier projection of 760 billion yen.

Highlighting the unprecedented nature of this subsidy, Amari underscores the imperative of ensuring companies’ operational profitability. Japan envisions becoming a pivotal player in the semiconductor supply chain. Furthermore, contingent on the development scenario, the government is committed to evaluating subsidy reductions, with a pledge to support various schemes for establishing Japan as a long-term semiconductor hub.

As of now, the construction of TSMC’s first-phase fab in Kumamoto is advancing rapidly, with the total workforce anticipated to surpass a thousand. The team is preparing for a timely production launch in 2024.

Although the Kumamoto fab’s announcement and construction preceded that of the U.S. Arizona fab, set to commence production in 2025, TSMC’s Kumamoto fab is garnering robust support from official Japanese channels and partners including SONY Semiconductor Solutions and Denso. The fab is set to utilize 22/28 nm and 12/16 nm processes, with a total capital expenditure of 8.6 billion USD. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) granted approval for a subsidy of 476 billion yen in June 2022, which represents approximately 40% of total capital expenditure is supported by the subsidy.

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