[Insights] Early November Price Update: TV Panels Drop, Monitor and NB Panels Steady

2023-11-06 Display editor

TrendForce released the early November panel price trends today, with TV panel prices experiencing an unstoppable decline, while MNT (Monitor) and NB panel prices remained relatively stable.

TV panel

Entering the fourth quarter, TV panel shipments continue to weaken. However, the attempt by agents to influence panel prices through a surge in shipments of small-sized TV panels seems to have subsided, and panel prices are returning to a more balanced negotiation between buyers and sellers.

Major TV brands have been adjusting their orders since the latter half of the third quarter, and these adjustments have expanded into the all panel sizes in the fourth quarter.

Although panel manufacturers are still controlling production, it appears that they are finding it challenging to resist the decline in panel prices due to sluggish demand. As of the current outlook, it is expected that in November, panel prices will decrease by 2-dollar for the entire month in the sizes of 32″, 43″, 50″, and 55″, while sizes of 65″ and 75″ will experience a 3-dollar drop, and 85″ will face a 5-dollar decline.

MNT Panel

Entering the fourth quarter, demand for MNT panels has started to weaken. In October, mainstream panel sizes showed a tendency to stabilize in terms of pricing, with only some high-end models having slight room for price reductions, especially for high refresh rate specifications.

Currently, it is expected that panel manufacturers will continue to maintain a stable price trend for mainstream size MNT panels in November. However, should brand demand fall short of expectations, there is a possibility of price decreases, particularly in Open Cell panels or in larger-sized, high-end models.

NB Panel

Entering the fourth quarter, demand for NB panels continues to weaken. However, panel manufacturers remain committed to maintaining stable panel prices, especially as they face downward price pressures in TV and MNT panels. Panel manufacturers are reluctant to make significant concessions on NB panel prices, except for the possibility of offering certain discounts through project-based bundling models.

Currently, it is expected that NB panel prices, whether for entry-level TN panels or mid- to high-range IPS panels, will continue to maintain a stable trend in November.