[News] Chinese GPU Startup Moore Threads Adapts Workforce Reduction after U.S. Sanctions, Remains Optimistic

2023-11-06 Semiconductors editor

Following recent sanctions imposed by the United States, Chinese GPU startup Moore Threads has initiated workforce adjustments. The company announced that these changes will be completed within the week, emphasizing that it’s a necessary step for their ongoing growth. Despite the challenges, Moore Threads is confident that the Chinese GPU industry is not facing its darkest days.

According to Jiemian News, Moore Threads’ CEO, Jianzhong Zhang, expressed that the personnel adjustments are a pragmatic choice to ensure the company’s continued development. He acknowledged the difficulty of this decision but hopes for understanding from the team.

Zhang also underlined that, in this period of both challenges and opportunities, he firmly believes that the Chinese GPU industry is not in its “darkest hours” but rather has a world of possibilities.

The company plans to restructure its organization, establishing two strategic groups, the AI Strategy Group (AISG) and the Metaverse Computing Strategy Group (MCSG), to integrate resources and drive product technology implementations. In terms of workforce performance, the company will conduct routine job position realignments to achieve more efficient personnel matching and compensation structures, with a particular focus on core GPU research and development. These adjustments are expected to be finalized within the week.
(Image: Moore Threads)