[News] AUO Reports Strong Growth in Automotive Panel Revenue and Positive Outlook for IT Panels

2023-11-01 Display editor

According to TechNews’ report, during its Q3 financial briefing, AU Optronics (AUO) revealed that its automotive panel revenue has surpassed 3.3 billion NTD, with expectations to exceed 4 billion NTD for the year. This signifies a growth rate of over 20%, highlighting AUO’s robust presence in the automotive panel market.

Notably, AUO has officially started shipping Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panels, accounting for over 10% of its automotive panel revenue. With strong long-term order visibility, it is anticipated that HMI Display will constitute over 40% of the automotive panel revenue by 2025, demonstrating AUO’s shift from pure automotive panels to HMI solutions. The company estimates that automotive products will contribute to 20-25% of its total revenue.

In the automotive sector, AUO has invested in intelligent cockpit solutions from companies like Adlink, Sintrones, Carota, and Cruise10. However, it currently lacks Tier1 partners in its ecosystem. The acquisition of BHTC, a German automotive supplier, is expected to enhance AUO’s global automotive footprint.

Regarding display sales, AUO noted a 2% decline in TV panel sales during Q3, but with an increase in average panel size to 50 inches, resulting in larger shipment areas. The market has adjusted to a stable state, with the best performance seen in the U.S. market, demonstrating 30% year-on-year growth.

Emerging markets, especially India, continue to show growth, while the Chinese 618 promotion was relatively subdued. Although shipment volumes have slowed, strong sales of larger panels, especially with numerous promotional events towards the year-end are expected to drive a new wave of demand.

Looking forward to next year, AUO maintains an optimistic stance, as it believes that inventory corrections are gradually stabilizing. Additionally, with the anticipation of three major events in 2024 and clients expressing their optimism, AUO is confident in expecting substantial growth for the upcoming year.

Regarding the IT panel sector, the back-to-school programs in the third quarter contributed to a portion of the demand. Customers actively prepared in the transition from the second quarter to the third quarter.

Presently, there is a visible trend of overall sales stabilizing, approaching a level close to the previous year. AUO anticipates that the fourth quarter may witness a positive year-on-year growth situation, as sales in the IT industry return to a normal trajectory. The fourth quarter is expected to yield satisfactory sales.

Looking ahead to the following year, many customers are optimistically gearing up for AI PCs, in addition to Windows system transformation requirements. If the fourth quarter sees stable demand and new products continue to captivate consumers, AUO holds a relatively optimistic outlook for the upcoming year.

AUO estimates that their total capital expenditure for the full year 2023 will be revised down to approximately 30 billion NTD. In the third quarter, their capacity availability rate is at around 80%, and they predict it will slightly decrease in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter. Capital expenditure in the third quarter amounts to 900 million NTD, and the full-year capital expenditure target for this year will be adjusted down to 30 billion NTD.

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(Photo credit: AUO)