[News] AUO and PlayNitride Sign NT$700 Million Deal for 6-inch Micro LED CoC Line in Taiwan

2023-11-01 LED editor

According to TechNews, AUO held a board meeting and signed a contract with PlayNitride on October 31st. The deal entails PlayNitride assisting AUO in setting up a cutting-edge 6-inch Micro LED Chip on Carrier (CoC) production line at AUO’s Longtan Tech Park facility, offering an all-in-one solution. The contract is valued at a substantial 700 million NT dollars, with a duration of 30 months.

The CoC production line is a pivotal part of Micro LED manufacturing, and AUO emphasizes that this contract is distinct from the one they have with Ennostar.

AUO highlights that their partnership with PlayNitride in establishing the CoC production line not only puts them in control of the most vital raw materials for Micro LED but also enables them to bring CoC to Micro LED module production in-house. This strategic move is expected to significantly enhance production efficiency, increase yield rates, and bolster AUO’s competitiveness in terms of Micro LED product costs. This, in turn, accelerates the timeline for the mass commercialization of Micro LED.

AUO’s involvement in Micro LED research dates back to 2012, resulting in expertise in display technology and manufacturing processes. In the display industry, they’ve been integrating the supply chain and establishing a comprehensive Micro LED ecosystem, gradually working toward the goal of commercialization during the year of mass production for Micro LED. AUO has big plans for applying Micro LED display technology across various fields.

Addressing concerns about technology transfer, PlayNitride clarifies that technology transfer primarily pertains to well-established product technologies, carried out incrementally with different firms. At the same time, PlayNitride is committed to developing new processes and products, and with patent protection in place and specific company considerations, there’s currently no need to fret about any technology leakage.
In August this year, TrendForce predicted rapid growth in the Micro LED chip market, with an expected value of $27 million in 2023, marking a 92% YoY increase. This growth is expected to continue, reaching approximately $580 million in 2027, with a CAGR of about 136% from 2022 to 2027. AUO, known for LCDs, has already produced the world’s first 1.39-inch Micro LED watch panel. Major companies, including AUO’s current client Tag Heuer, are potential adopters of Micro LED wearable devices.
(Image: AUO)

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