The Spot Price for Both DRAM and NAND Flash Had No Signs of An Upturn in Early September

2023-09-06 Semiconductors TrendForce

DRAM Spot Market
Compared with last week, transaction prices in the spot market have generally stopped falling, but there is no sustained upward momentum. Although suppliers and other spot sellers have been firm on prices and are unwilling to make further concessions, the overall transaction volume has continued to shrink because there has been no turnaround in the demand for end products. Further observations are needed to determine the trajectory of spot prices in the future. Nevertheless, TrendForce believes that suppliers will need to further expand the scale of their production cuts in 4Q23 in order to effectively reduce their existing inventories. The average spot price of mainstream chips (i.e., DDR4 1Gx8 2666MT/s) dropped by 0.07% from US$1.451 last week to US$1.450 this week.

NAND Flash Spot Market
Concluded prices have largely leveled to that of last week without dynamics for ongoing increment. Buyers, despite active stocking behaviors seen recently, are no longer following up on prices aggressively under the yet-to-be-improved level of actual end demand. Subsequent spot price trends will require further observation, though TrendForce believes that NAND Flash suppliers would be forced to expand production cuts during 4Q23 so as to further abate their existing inventory. 512Gb TLC wafer spots have risen by 0.63% this week, arriving at US$1.588.