[News] ASE Penang Factory Expansion Targets Revenue Doubling

2023-09-06 Semiconductors editor

According to a report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Tien Wu, CEO of the semiconductor packaging and testing giant ASE Group, believes that the semiconductor industry is experiencing ongoing inventory adjustments, with uncertainties remaining in the global economy. However, he maintains a positive long-term outlook, asserting that semiconductor demand remains robust. Wu also revealed that ASE Group is expanding its operations in Penang, Malaysia, with expectations of doubling its revenue to $750 million within 2 to 3 years.

The 2023 Semicon Taiwan is set to begin on the 6th, and when discussing the economic outlook for the second half of the year, Wu noted that the semiconductor industry is well-aware of the current inventory corrections and the lingering global economic uncertainties. Nevertheless, he maintains relative optimism about the industry’s long-term development.

Regarding the company’s involvement in advanced packaging, such as Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate (CoWoS), Wu mentioned that ASE Group offers corresponding services in this field. When asked about the contribution of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and advanced packaging to the company’s portfolio, he stated that it’s currently challenging to evaluate. However, he emphasized that AI is a significant focus for ASE Group.

In response to inquiries about whether customers have requested ASE Group to shift a portion of its production capacity outside of Taiwan (Taiwan+1) to mitigate risks, Wu clarified that there have been no specific requests from customers regarding proportional capacity transfers or deadlines for such transfers. Production capacity adjustments are primarily made flexibly, contingent on the readiness of the local supply chain. He emphasized that customer discussions regarding capacity adjustments are rational and logical.

Wu stressed that customer demands are being met in accordance with logic and regulatory considerations. In response to urgent service needs, ASE Group is expanding its operations in locations outside Taiwan. However, this does not signify a complete relocation of Taiwanese production capacity, nor does it indicate that customers have mandated such a shift.

He disclosed that ASE Group’s expansion is taking place in Penang, Malaysia, with the first five-story building expected to be completed by July next year. Plans are in place for a second building by 2025. Currently, ASE Group’s Penang facility generates approximately $350 million in annual revenue. It is projected that within 2 to 3 years, the facility’s revenue will double to $750 million.

In addition to its California presence, Wu highlighted that the ASE Group subsidiary, ISE Labs, has expanded its capacity in San Jose to meet customer demands. He emphasized that ASE Group continues to expand its operations in Taiwan as well, including locations in Zhongli, Kaohsiung, Taichung’s Tanzi.

(Photo credit: ASE)