Delay in Mass Production of Micro LED Apple Watch until 2026, According to Industry Sources

2023-06-30 Display Sponsored Content

Apple has finally launched the Vision Pro, an MR device equipped with Micro OLED, but the debut of the Apple Watch with Micro LED panels has been repeatedly delayed. According to a report from TechNews, industry insiders revealed that the production timeline for the Micro LED Apple Watch has been pushed back once again, from the second quarter of 2025 to the first quarter of 2026.

Over the past decade, Apple has invested at least $1 billion in developing Micro LED panels, aiming to reduce reliance on Samsung and strengthen control over critical component supplies. Once in mass production, Apple intends to execute the crucial “mass transfer” process on its own. This highlights Apple’s cautious approach in researching and developing Micro LED technology, which is still in the sample phase due to challenging production techniques and higher manufacturing costs.

In the Micro LED project, Apple has partnered with ams Osram for the development of Micro LED components, collaborated with LG Display for backplate production, and enlisted TSMC to manufacture 12-inch silicon wafers. Initially, Micro LED technology will be introduced in the Apple Watch Ultra model before gradually expanding to other product lines such as iPad and MacBook, with the ultimate plan of incorporating it into the iPhone.

Currently, the Apple Watch utilizes OLED technology, which has been in use since the launch of the first Apple Watch model in 2015. In comparison to OLED screens, Micro LED displays offer higher brightness and overcome issues such as screen aging and differential aging, making them a promising advancement.