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Seasonality Kept Prices of LED Light Bulbs on a Downtrend in July, TrendForce Reports

9 August 2016 LED Allen Yu

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports the global average sales prices of 40-watt and 60-watt equivalent LED light bulbs in July fell 0.7% and 0.6% versus the prior month, respectively, to US$9.5 and US$12.9.

“July was the start of the traditional off season for the LED industry,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu. “Furthermore, the economic conditions in Europe and the U.S. remained weak, so the demand rebound that occurred in the lighting market was limited to just the second quarter. Retail prices of LED light bulbs slid entering the third quarter, and some products suffered larger price drops on account of promotional activities.”

Prices of LED packages in China are close to product costs; demand for high-power 3030 LEDs gradually picks up

In China, prices of 2835 LEDs and high-power 3030 LEDs were generally stable through July, while international suppliers lowered prices on mid-power 5630 LEDs. “By package type, 2835 LEDs are currently the most in demand in the lighting market, and their prices have been falling since they became the market mainstream in 2013,” said Yu. “At this point, prices of 2835 LEDs are near product costs, so the decline is also starting to moderate.” On another note, high-power 3030 LEDs are seeing rising demand in the outdoor lighting market and can potentially become standard products similar to 2835 LEDs. Hence, LEDinside expects the number of suppliers for high-power 3030 LEDs to increase, ratcheting up competition and driving down prices. 

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