[News] Matching Apple’s Vision Pro Momentum? Rumors Suggest Samsung Expediting XR Device Launch in Early 2024

With Apple’s Extended Reality (XR) headgear, Vision Pro, set to hit the market early next year, Samsung is reportedly making diligent preparations to unveil its own XR product.

According to a report from Pulse News, the English version of the Korean Daily Economic News website, data released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the 14th indicates that Samsung Display has recently filed for a new trademark, “Flex Magic,” sparking rumors that it is intended for Samsung’s next-generation XR headset.

Samsung Display mentioned in its application documents that the universal applications of its display panel include 3D Spectacles, Virtual Reality Headsets, Virtual Reality Goggles, and smart glasses. The company had also applied for the same trademark with the European Union Patent Office in November.

While filing a patent does not guarantee the release of a product, the South Korean industry believes that Samsung Electronics has made significant progress towards unveiling a new product.

Reportedly, industry insiders in South Korea reveal that Samsung has set a goal to launch an XR device early next year, potentially entering a new frontier in competition with Apple. Initially named “Galaxy Glass,” this device was originally scheduled for a later release next year.

In February of this year, Samsung Electronics officially announced its entry into the XR market in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm. It is expected that Samsung Electronics will handle hardware development, Google will manage software, and Qualcomm will provide chipsets specifically for the XR platform.

Reportedly, industry insiders in South Korea anticipate that its primary competitor, Apple’s Vision Pro, is expected to launch in the United States in March of next year, followed by expansion into other countries, with a starting price of USD 3,499.

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Please note that this article cites information from Pulse News.


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