[News] Apple Could Introduce Micro LED into Vision Pro, Replacing Existing Micro OLED Technology

According to a report from TechNews, Micro LED technology boasts superior qualities such as higher transparency, richer color saturation, increased brightness, enhanced efficiency, and lower power consumption. It also extends product lifespans, making it an optimal choice for automotive displays. However, it currently grapples with challenges related to cost, mass transfer, extensive inspections, and red light efficiency, posing obstacles to large-scale production.

The primary market for Micro LED products revolves around large-format displays. Major players in the industry, including Samsung, have introduced Micro LED televisions, albeit at relatively steep price points. Beyond Samsung, Apple has embarked on a journey of Micro LED technology research and testing. The release of Apple’s inaugural Micro LED Apple Watch is now expected to be pushed back to the latter half of 2025 or beyond.

Apple’s foray into Micro LED technology dates back several years. In 2014, Apple acquired LuxVue, a Micro LED startup, gaining access to patents related to mass transfer. Furthermore, the acquisition of Tesoro Scientific equipped Apple to address detection and maintenance issues.

Haitong International Securities suggest that apart from Apple’s potential adoption of Micro LED, this technology could also find applications in Vision Pro, potentially supplanting the existing Micro OLED technology.

Currently, Apple is engaged in collaborative efforts with ams OSRAM and LG Display to develop Micro LED technology. TSMC is contributing 12-inch silicon wafers to the initiative. The technology is presently undergoing testing for compatibility with the Apple Watch, with comprehensive deployment anticipated by 2025.

Haitong International Securities project an exciting trajectory for Micro LED technology in 2026, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate of 273%. Among the various applications, XR stands out as one of the most promising terminal usages for Micro LED. Additionally, the automotive market, television sets, and smartwatches are expected to embrace Micro LED, collectively resulting in an estimated shipment of 2.7 million Micro LED devices in 2026.

(Image source: Apple)