[News] China Makes A Step Forward in 300mm RF-SOI Wafer Production

In recent updates from Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI), Dr. Xing Wei’s research team has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in 300mm SOI wafer manufacturing technology. They have successfully created China’s inaugural 300mm Radio Frequency Silicon-on-insulator (RF-SOI) wafer.

The team harnessed the resources of the China Key Laboratory for Integrated Circuit Materials’ 300mm SOI research platform, systematically resolving critical technical challenges required for 300mm RF-SOI wafers. This involved low-oxygen high-resistance crystal production, deposition of low-stress high-resistivity polycrystalline silicon films, and non-contact planarization.

This achievement not only marks the inception of China’s 300mm SOI manufacturing technology but is also anticipated to drive the entire RF-SOI chip design, manufacturing, and packaging industry chain within China. It will also ensure a stable supply of SOI wafers in the country.

SOI technology boasts a wide range of applications, encompassing RF-SOI for communication RF front-ends, high-power Power-SOI components, and Photonics-SOI technology for optical communications. SOI technology, which positions silicon wafers on insulating material, has emerged as a game-changing innovation with unique advantages, break limitations associated with traditional silicon materials and integrated circuits.

(Image: SITRI)

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