[News] New Standard for DDR6 Memory to Come out Soon

2024-06-06 Semiconductors editor

JEDEC (the Solid State Technology Association) recently confirmed that the long-used SO-DIMM and DIMM memory standards will be replaced by CAMM2 for DDR6 (LPDDR6 included).

According to a report from WeChat account DRAMeXchange, the minimum frequency for DDR6 memory is 8800MHz, which can be increased to 17.6GHz, with a theoretical maximum of up to 21GHz, far surpassing that of DDR4 and DDR5 memory. CAMM2 is a brand new memory standard that also supports DDR6 standard memory, making it suitable for large PC devices like desktop PC. JEDEC expects to complete the preliminary draft of the DDR6 memory standard within this year, with the official version 1.0 expected by 2Q25 at the earliest, and specific products likely coming in 4Q25 or in 2026.

LPDDR6 will adopt a new 24-bit wide channel design, with a maximum memory bandwidth of up to 38.4GB/s, significantly higher than the existing LPDDR5 standard. The maximum rate for LPDDR6 can reach 14.4Gbps and the minimum rate is 10.667Gbps, matching the highest rate of LPDDR5x and far exceeding LPDDR5’s 6.7Gbps.

It is learned that a true CAMM2-standard LPDDR6, with a 32GB specification for example, costs about USD 500, which is five times the price of LPDDR5 (SO-DIMM/DIMM) memory.

Considering market adoption, the industry believes that the new CAMM2 standard adopted by DDR6 requires large-scale replacement of existing production equipment, which will bring about a new cost structure. Meanwhile, the evolution of new standards in the existing market will face high cost issue, which will restrict the large-scale adoption of DDR6 or LPDDR6.

Currently, upstream manufacturers like Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron already have some memory products supporting the CAMM2 standard. Among downstream brand manufacturers, Lenovo and Dell also follow up and Dell reportedly has used CAMM2 memory boards in its enterprise product line in 2023.

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Please note that this article cites information from WeChat account DRAMeXchange.

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