[News] Rumors of Selling Indian iPhone Assembly Plant? Pegatron Denies Media Speculation

2024-04-09 Consumer Electronics editor

Earlier, Reuters reported that contract manufacturer Pegatron was in talks to sell its sole iPhone assembly plant in India to Tata Group, and discussions were in advanced stages. Regarding this matter, Pegatron told CNA reporters that this report was speculative and lacked evidence, declining to comment further.

According to a Reuters report on April 8, Pegatron was said to be considering selling its iPhone assembly plant located in Chennai, a major city in southern India, to Tata Group, India’s largest private enterprise. The negotiations were rumored to conclude within six months. If an agreement is reached, the two parties will establish a joint venture, with Tata Group holding a 65% stake to operate the plant, while Pegatron will retain a 35% stake and provide technical support.

Sources cited by Reuters also mentioned that Pegatron is building another iPhone assembly plant in the Chennai area, and discussions with Tata include acquiring control of this new facility. The negotiations between Tata and Pegatron are expected to conclude within six months, after which all Pegatron India plant employees will transition to the joint venture.

Amid rising geopolitical risks, tech giants are diversifying production away from China. Pegatron reduced its stake in its Kunshan plant to 37.5% in December, with Chinese Luxshare now leading. However, Pegatron emphasizes it won’t withdraw from China and plans to establish new facilities this year.

In recent years, Pegatron has been consistently expanding its global footprint, with expansions ongoing in Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and other locations.

Currently, approximately 10% of Apple’s iPhone production capacity in India comes from Pegatron, with the vast majority of capacity originating from Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant located in Karnataka.

Furthermore, Foxconn has the highest share in Apple’s current new iPhone assembly. Among the four iPhone 15 series models, only certain models like iPhone15 and iPhone15 plus are produced by Tata Group in India.

In January, Pegatron announced a USD 12 million investment to form a Malaysian subsidiary for consumer electronics. It’s also expanding its Mexican plant capacity, investing USD 75 million to boost its electric vehicle business.

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Please note that this article cites information from CNA and Reuters.